Monday, March 26, 2012

Re-Posted: Are Chinese Most Racist? Is DAP Killing the Malay Votes for Pakatan.

Hantu Laut

When Kit Siang called for the Chinese to unite under DAP and vote against the BN, it's not racism.When UMNO called the Malays to unite under UMNO, that's racism ....according to some Chinese racist politicians.

I always thought the Malays are the least racist among the three major races in this country.At least they don't call other races "kui" or hantu.

My late paternal grandfather, a Pathan who hailed from the North West Frontier was also a racist as I remember him when I was a young man.The irony is he married my grandmother, a native woman completely of different cultural background, successfully subdued and converted her to his cultural demands.A strict disciplinarian, he would not accommodate anything that may change his cultural hangovers.

Those are things we don't understand when we were kids, ignorant, impressionable, nurtured within our own cocoon and we could not accept when we were told not to mix with certain group people, our friends.

Children, would never be racist, they are colour blind, it is the adults that teach them to be racist.

Now, DAP instigated Chinese educationists to pressure the government to remove all non-Mandarin speaking teachers from all Chinese schools.

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If this isn't racism, tell me, what is?

When I was in school during the colonial days my English teacher was an Indian, my maths teacher was an Indian, my history teacher was a Chinese, my geography teacher was a Chinese, my physic and chemistry teachers were Indians and my principal was a white man and a homosexual.

I, sometimes, joked with my close Chinese friends that the Chinese are probably the most racist people on earth because every other race they called "kui" which means devil........Malaikui, Kelingkui, Bengalikui and so forth.

If you are an English man in Hong Kong you would be called a "Gweilo", another form of devil. The Chinese have many racially deprecatory words for foreigners.

Thank goodness, my close Chinese friends are not racists, at least they don't seem to show it in front of me.

The only one not "kui" are the Chinese

How nice to be Chinese!


Anonymous said...

As a Chinese, you are right as to the Chinese centric world-view.

But let us not play the race game for the sake of the future of our country. I am saying this to the DAP as well to UMNO.

Anonymous said...

My brother and I had made every effort to call Chinese people "Cina Kui"..., whenever we are out on social gatherings, sometimes we even mock them right in front of their faces.

Anonymous said...

You see, I am a non-Malay, Christian from New Zealand. I encounter a lot of racist Chinese Christians. Many of them, build these walls and barriers in an invisible way even in their churches towards other races. In fact, most would not even prefer people of other races to attend their churches and in a country like New Zealand, where it is compulsory for all migrants to speak english and gain residency points, many choose to still run their churches in Chinese, use linguistic barriers to exclude others out.

They accuse Malays of institutional racism, in the Chinese, their entire racism is codified into their culture.

Without institutional laws to protect the Malays, you will find yourself treated 2nd class by the Chinese. Singapore is a classic example.

IF they can treat Christians of other races with contempt, forget Malay Muslims. You guys need to be less politically correct and errect up proper laws to deal with a "culture" that itself is racist to the core.

Lets not forget Tibetans and Ughyiurs how they are treated. You guys have only one Malaysia, don't screw it up by giving Chinese the upper hand. These are people incapable of understanding "universalism" , they are stuck in their own narrow minded taoist/pagan systems, that encourage them to be racist.

After all, Malays didn't wipe them out like Japanese did they ? No they didn't.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, I used to be very liberal. My parents never demonstrated racism in front of us. Even though I went to all-Malays primary school, I mixed with Chinese and Indian friends in secondary school and had learnt to be more accepting of other races.

However, as I left secondary school and grew older, I learnt the reality of racism in Malaysia. Dare I say, my own experience as an adult has made me changed my perceptions toward Chinese. I have so many bad (racist) experiences with them during my working life that it takes forever to talk about them all here. My rent house in all-chinese neighborhood was regularly stoned by the kids in the neighborhood even after we complained to their parents.