Friday, March 9, 2012

Karpal, Letter Of The Law or Spirit Of The Law?

Hantu Laut

Find fault with the judge if you can't find fault with the judgement.It's a trend among opposition leaders to ridicule judges when they couldn't find flaw in the judgement.

Anwar did it many times, asking judges to be removed from his case accusing them of being bias, his tactic to delay the trial.His Sodomy II trail ended with him off the hook more out of incompetent evidence provided the police rather than anything else.The prosecution appealed the case.

In his sedition case Karpal the nutty as a fruitcake lawyer couldn't find any flaw in the Court Of Appeal's judgement decided to insult one of the three judges, Datuk Clement Skinner for not being fluent in Malay and implied he couldn't have understood the written judgement in Malay because of his poor understanding of the language.It's obvious he is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.There were two Malay judges on the panel,there must have been discourse among the three judges before they reach a consensus.The written judgement is just academic.

Here, he politicised punishment by the court for contempt of a crazy imam who threw his shoes at the judges because he was not happy with the judgement.He was sentenced to a year imprisonment which Karpal and a few other half-past six lawyers say too excessive.If the imam were an UMNO man they would say the opposite, too lenient.

Throwing shoes at people is the biggest insult in any culture and are not taken very lightly in the Malay culture.

This ex-imam and ex-Mat Rempit is lucky, if I were the judge I would give him one for each shoe, two years in prison and five stroke of the cane.

One year is not enough deterrent, particularly, for 'kurang ajar' imam.


zakzak said...

hmm...i think i've seen somewhere that even Karpal said that the imam's action is indefensible. this surely pointing to the appropriateness of the judgement.
i don't know about the appropriateness of the length of jail though...1 year?

reading from the comments in the MalaysianInsider portal, i'd say around 90% still believe that the judiciary system is still bias to pro-opposition suppporters.... can't win them all can you? even when their shadow PM was acquitted due to technical reason.

but then, i'm puzzled as to why Khir Toyo only get 1 year for his bribery case while another thief was sentenced to 3 years for snatching money to buy milk for his starving son...pening2...

Raj said...

Well, one's ego is his own worst enemy!

shafeek said...

Most intelligent Malaysians already view our current Courts and judges with contempt. The imam represents the active element of this sentiment.
I propose that all right thinking (or even left leaning) people leave their old slippers and shoes at the front of that misnamed Palace of Justice (as they did in Indonesia) to show our low opinion of the current state of the judiciary!

Slim John said...

Sure, we must execute all ustazs and tok gurus. They are more 'kurang ajar' than the MB who used his position to purchase lands worth millions to build his castle. And even more dangerous than the YB who claimed thousands of ringgit for non-existent community work (remedial classes). Sure. I concur. That's why I know who to vote for the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Just curious... who bestowed the convict with the title of an Imam in the first place? He gives Muslims a bad name, the "kurang ajar" son of a gun!

Anonymous said...

it is best for karpal to be a lawyer in another country i.e Singapore since he doesn't have good understanding of the Malaysian court's official language of conduct. he can't be in Thailand. he will have to learn Thai. He is too aged for this.

one doesn't get a Pass in SPM if one fails BM.

in this sense karpal is incompetent