Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Panoply Of Lies,Half-Truths And Make-Believes: Malaysia's Future Fuhrer

Hantu Laut

Arrogant, hubristic, intolerant and I mightier and smarter than thou complex.The man who couldn't tolerate dissents and differences of opinion.

Say "yes" to everything Anwar says and does, you be loved, say "no" , you be damned.

That's Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's future fuhrer and dictator.

"If I don't like you I can remove you or get you removed" which he did to many of his colleagues, close friends and political aides the moment he saw them as threats to his position.The last victim was the gullible Zaid Ibrahim who seemingly posed a threat to his leadership.

Zaid left PKR with his tail in between his legs, claiming cheating in the party elections he attributed the plot by Anwar and Azmin Ali to boot him out of the party.

Too bad for Raja Petra, he should have known better Anwar is more powerful than him.He sees RPK as a nobody, a tool to be used and abused.

Anwar managed to bar Raja Petra from attending Wikileaks global forum where RPK will be one of the invited guests.The former darling of the pro-opposition movement has fallen out with the de facto opposition leader calling him morally unfit to become prime minister. RPK said "how could he imagine debating Prime Minister Datul Seri Najib Razak "when he is too chicken to face me"

Anwar can never have true and royal friends.All those around him are sycophantic good time friends.His insecurity is reflected in his nepotistic way, putting his wife, daughter and his sidekick Azmin Ali in crucially powerful positions in the party.

Even the once most powerful PM, the bedevilled Mahathir Mohammad did no such thing.He allowed his son Mukriz to enter politics and take active involvement in the party only after he stepped down as PM.

That Assange guy? Certainly not the type one should associate with, as morally repugnant as our prime minister wannabe. He has no balls to tell Anwar you either come on my terms or don't come at all.

I anticipate some adverse reactions from the U.S.administration over Anwar's participation in the Wikileaks forum.

Assange, the man behind Wikileaks is considered by the U.S government as high-tech terrorist.

You see Petra! He views you as insignificant.The man whom you blindly supported for years at high cost to your personal liberty now look down on you as he did to all those whom he sees below his dignity and level of importance to bother with.

The man who countenance the use of street protests to bring down a government.His Geobbles were already on massive propaganda campaign inducting venoms in the mind of the masses that if they were to lose the elections it was due to massive cheating by BN and an uprising of people's power is justified to bring down such government.

Not only he behaves like that, some pro-opposition bloggers, the Geobbles of Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat, would drop your blog from their blogroll, if you dare criticise Anwar or any Pakatan leaders.They couldn't stand the idea of sending traffic to your blog to read your piece that they can't stomach. It shows the uncouthness and the contradictions of these political greenhorns, though, have come of age , have not grown any wiser.

These are the very same people who talk endlessly about lack of freedom in this country, about the opposition not given accessibility to mainstream media, about the ISA, about corruptions and just about anything they can find to blast the government.

We have chief minister and menteri besar in opposition controlled states, on one hand, calling for more freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom to crap on the streets, freedom to screw the government, on the other hand banning certain mainstream media from covering their press conferences.

A panoply of lies, half-truths and make-believes.

I shudder to think of them becoming the government.


Anonymous said...

What rubbish is this making baseless accusations?

Anonymous said...


u don't sound intellectuial mate!

zaid has been arse-kissing madey and

madey rightly ignored him...

show me 1 good attribute of zaid..

we have 1 mat kelate who is ruining mas

under the guise of cost -saving.

this dany kelate-shit spent rm 18m on

a home jersey of soon to be division 2

footie club and wants to claim cost saving!

the melayus of hulu selangor can see thru the zaid

kelate -shit and threw him in favour of 1 keling!

there is something seriously wrong with zaid..

he is a jonah in the politik minefield

should be thinking like a luncai - go jump into the kelate river!!



Hantu Laut said...

Thanks, you certainly sound intellectual.Do you know where your comment goes to.Even the computer is smarter than you, it sent your comment to my spam bag because it couldn't understand what you wrote.It sounds like some alien language.