Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anak Melayu Diperbodokan

Hantu Laut

I must say under Najib this land has become heaven on earth for dissents of any kind.Malaysians are now more attune to go onto the streets to expressly exacerbate their grievances against the government.

There were Bersih 1 and Bersih 2. Bersih 3 is in the offing, if everything goes well, the senile National Laureate Pak Samad says he expects 500,000 Malaysians to throng Merdeka Square on 28 April demanding immediate reforms for free and fair elections.

I don't see the massive turnout happening if the government allow the protest to go on without police interference.If they want Merdeka Square, give it to them, if anything broke make sure the organisers pay for it, if there were massive littering which require costly cleaning up, make sure the organisers pay for it too.Don't expect other taxpayers to pay for these people to "shiok sendiri"


I doubt if they can get 50,000 mules, let alone 500,000.

Some 300 students, almost all Malays, demonstrated for the abolishment PTPTN carrying wreaths of Prime Minister Najib and the Minister of Higher Education Mohd Khaled Nordin after being brainwashed by the humbugging Anwar Ibrahim.These less than qualified Malay students were lucky the government still give them soft loans to further their tertiary education.

The video below shows they did not demonstrate against the PTPTN but exhibiting "kurang ajar" behaviour.Should you Malaysians sympathise with this kind rudeness.They are not interested in education. Obtrusively, they are stooges of Anwar and the oppositions.There was not a single word mentioned about PTPTN in the video.It's about their longing demise of Najib,Rosmah,BN and not forgetting to bring back the ghost of the poor dead lady Altantuya.

Though, they do not represent the majority of Malays students, it's bad that they strayed from the original motivation, education! The government should recall the loans given to those who participated in the demonstration.

Who says Malaysia is not free?

(All photos courtesy of Papagomo)


Anonymous said...

So just let them be there. Why are you complaining? Just ignore them and then they realized that they get nothing out of it. They will just go away. If you say they are this and that, somebody else will also label you the same. Just ignore it and not give them recognition.

Anonymous said...

rakyat Malaysia akan pastikan puak2 ni diam lps PRU nanti. byk cerita takder..makin byk demo yg mereka buat, makin mentampah rakyat Malaysia pada puak2 ni.. agree with you..kita biarkan mrk buat but they must pay any damage caused by them

Anonymous said...

Mahasiswa melayu(tidak semua)memamg kreatif dengan DEMONSTRASI,tapi x kreatif dlm pembelajaran!mungkin diaorang terlebeh cerdek sampaikan x jumpa pantun lama melayu yang banyak berunsur nasihat:

Anonymous said...

Najib lembik hanya sibuk mencari popularity negara boleh hancur kalau di biarkan huru haru atas nama kebebasan.

eddy said...

Totally agree with you Bro HL, in fact the PDRM should identify those involved in the anti PTPTN demo and give the list to PTPTN and have their loans recalled and they be suspended from Universities that they go to.

Anonymous said...

Free education is an obligation of any government anywhere if can afford it. Get it!

It's only RM2-3 billion additional yearly to provide for this.

So, whats the problem?

Just reduce some crony projects and it will be affordable for all.

Where is the "Rakyat didahulukan?"

Anonymous said...

Give it 'em, HL. I agree with every sentence. Bershit 3.0 can have whatever venue they wish. And men in blue pls stay away. And pls no road blocks. If there's traffic gridlock, let it be.
These protest-loving folk shd just police themselves.
Then we shall see...

Really, gomen shd wise up a bit. No police force means no syiok for them. No drama to play out for foreign newsmen kan? Remember, these folks got persecution complex. Ramai nak jadi martyrs. For what cause, tak tau lah.

Anonymous said...

For sure these students been brought up with wrong family value. Lousy parents will produce lousy children. 'Haram jadah' will produce 'haram jadah'. They are in circle of people with classless mentality. From free anwar to free studies... haram jadah.

Anonymous said...

Even a very rich country like S'pore don't provide free education whether it is Primary or Tertiary level. You need to have bank study loan if your parent could not afford the higher education fee or you can get interest free loan from some charity bodies. Their student don't treat the goverment as their father or granfather whom maybe can dispense money whenever they feel like it..

Fortunately not all Malay tertiary student behave like these donkeys with no moral and principle. It's a pity to those parents whom have produce these creature.

Anonymous said...

What to do ? Our Melayu yang tak habis berperangai ambil senang, macam champion sifat hasad n dengki sahaja yang di pelihara. Eeee.... dah betul lah tu. Sungguh Melayukan ! Kerajaan Malaysia sahaja yang boleh jamin mereka, kalau kita bertanding cara open dah lama negara Malaysia berpecah seperti Malaya. Sedih kan ?