Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anwar And Najib: "The Hare And The Tortoise"

Hantu Laut

Another of Aesop's animal story "The Hare And The Tortoise" The story concerns a hare who ridicules a slow-moving tortoise and challenged him to a race.The fast-running hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and confident of winning, decides to take a nap midway, when he awakes, he found his slow-moving competitor has arrived before him.

Two weeks ago I placed a poll on my side bar ....
Who would you choose as PM in the 13th GE, Anwar or Najib?

For the first few days Anwar was leading by as much as 70 %, leaving Najib far behind and a probable loser. Anwar, the hare continue to lead the next few days.However, Najib the tortoise sprung a surprise when he caught up with Anwar by the 7th day and thereafter surged forward to take the lead taking 56% of the poll at closing date.Anwar scored 43%.

I must admit the small poll is not a true reflection of what the real end result would be in a real contest, but it gave me a big surprise. I actually expect Anwar to win big on account of my observation that Anwar and the oppositions command bigger following on the Web than Najib and the BN.

Major Web portals such as Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today,Malaysia Chronicle and the ever controversial Malaysia Today gave unequivocal support and unbending loyalty to the oppositions.

Malaysia Today, of late has toned down its tirades against Najib and the government and is showing more balanced repertoire.

The true battlefield is in West Malaysia, where the deluge of oppositions' supports are concentrated. Najib should deploy the full force of his political war machines in areas where he has better chances of winning.

It would be wise of him to write off (subtly, no saying out loud) Penang and Kelantan and concentrate in taking back Perak, Selangor and Kedah. He should also write-off most of the Chinese dominated seats as it is foregone conclusion that his disused component parties, MCA and Gerakan will lose most of the seats to DAP.Both parties are still living in a state of denial and the only hope left for them....miracles!

He should not worry about Sabah and Sarawak, the two chief ministers are more than capable to retain the states for BN, as long as he does not upset the applecart.

These are the realities that will, make or break him.


Anonymous said...

Good observations but... why does Najib need to retake Perak? Is it not under BN, even through foul means?

For me, Perak, Selangor, Trengannu, Kedah and Negeri Sembilan are the battle ground states. Sabah & Sarawak stays as fixed deposits. So it might mean Sabah and sarawak will play a greater role and have a bigger say in national affairs? UMNO might not have all its way after GE13.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Chinese has shown their true colour and that will unite the Malays as they have observed enough.

Purple Haze said...

I have said this before and will say it again.

Najib has good intentions on taking Malaysia to a better destination. Its the people around him that are screwing his ambition. His so-called "followers" are stabbing him in the back.

Is BN really embracing good governance or just power hungry ?