Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Chinese Will Unite The Malays In 13th General Elections

Hantu Laut

At last, some sensibility coming out of UMNO.

Here, Prime Minister Najib openly admitted the BN had lost its Chinese support.

I have not been wrong all along, in many of my past posts, in my conclusion that the BN has completely lost the Chinese support.MCA and Gerakan would soon be joining our prehistoric dinosaurs.

There is little comfort left for the Chinese leaders in BN knowing that their days are numbered. The results of the March 2008 General Elections has altered the political philosophy of the Chinese, which have been simmering under the lid for many decades.

The Malays, empirical students of the British are getting a dose of their own medicine and no matter how bitter the pill is, they would have to swallow it.

Never have they been more divided and the Chinese more united.

Today, the Chinese are cohesive force under the DAP umbrella.As I have always said, DAP would have almost clean sweep of the Chinese MP seats.DAP are more interested in MP seats rather than state seats that would give them greater voice in parliament.

UMNO's divide and rule policy of dividing the other races into splintered groups ended in March 2008.

Unbeknown to UMNO and least expected, it is the Malays that is now in serious trouble and seriously divided that could spell the end of "ketuanan Melayu" and the rise of Malay liberalism among the Malays younger generation.

UMNO old guards are still living in past glory, where intimidation, coercion, threat and fear are the order of the day.The simmering resentment of five decades yonder among non-Malays have blown the lid off the pressure cooker.The Malay leaders in UMNO are now scampering to re-assemble the broken pieces.Will they succeed?

Something strange is going to happen which has nothing to do with UMNO's efforts to unite the Malays.It would be the Chinese that eventually unite the Malays or rather the Chinese threat.

The Chinese threat that may or can dilute and weaken Malays political power would provide the impetus for Malay unity and the end of "ketuanan Melayu".The question is under which Malay umbrella would it be? UMNO or PAS?

PKR is out. The Malay masses do not consider PKR as a Malay party and it would be the weakest runner among the lot.The contender would be between PAS and UMNO.PAS has one disadvantage , its association with DAP, regarded by staunched Muslims as associating with the devil, the infidel, a name given by PAS to UMNO for associating with MCA and Gerakan before its own alliance with DAP.

UMNO has the edge over PAS as a vehicle for Malay unity but will UMNO leaders screw it up?

While PAS has diverted from its original Islamic brand, UMNO is still signing the same old song of Malay unity and "ketuanan Melayu", overtaking PAS in its quest for greater Malay and Muslims supports.Bowing to the Islamists with regard to foreign artists performing in Malaysia and proselytising of Muslims by Christians are the nutrients and part and parcel of UMNO strategy for Malay and Muslim unity.

The ultimate bogeymen...........Chinese threat and Christians proselytising Muslims.

UMNO may have to repossess all Malay dominated constituencies given to other BN parties in the past or risk bigger losses and loss of the government.

DAP, trying to appease the Malays, would field Malay candidates in the 13th GE in Malay dominated areas.

Not trying to stifle the enthusiasm of these Malay candidates, they all would lose miserably, with majority of them losing their deposits.They can only win if DAP put them in Chinese dominated areas but would DAP dare take the risk, the ire of its Chinese members.

We should not kid ourselves that this country is ready for multiracial and multicultural integration.We can be friends but when it comes to the crunch, blood is thicker than water.

Communal politics would still be alive and kicking in Malaysia. Even Kit Siang has openly called for Chinese to unite under DAP for greater say in the politics of this country.Those who think of "Satu Bangsa Malaysia" are dreamers, it would never happen in our lifetime.

It took America over 200 years to reach the halfway, the man they chose to be their president was only half-black, not the real "gagak"


dinturtle said...

good analysis...mohon copy parts and link nanti for my article

TerimaKasih !

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Nothing like using the Chinese as the bogey man to unite the Malays eh?

Interesting! PKR is actually not a Malay Party even though it tries to out do UMNO in all form of behaviour, from party elections, cronyism and feudalism!?

I agree with you PKR is the weakest link. I am most happy that Anwar will not be the PM despite my support for the PR.


eddy said...

I think what's going to happen after the GE13 is that the Opposition will be mainly Chinese DAP MPs against a Malay dominated Federal Government with MCA,MIC and Gerakan getting some seats courtesy of UMNO.

Race relations will get worse after GE13 for sure.

Anonymous said...

Well said, that is a reality no matte how much the Government gave to the chinese community that will change but no all chinese. There are still some chinese who belueve in unity of all races, who can still see what the Government for their coomunity. What happen now is the malsy star thinging after all theri support tho the Pakatan which actually help them to win several state did backfire to the MALAYS COMMUNIT INSTEAD OF AGINING CERATIN BENFIT THEY ARE LOSING ANDTHOSE OTHER WHO GAINS THE BENEFIT NEVER KNOW TO BE GRATEFUL. ANE THAT IS WHER THE MALAYS STAR TO OPEN THEIR EYSE AND THINKS.However to those chinese who thre support to the Government and help (actually they are the one that turun padang and helps the Chinese) i salute and again isalute you all for the work done thou not many of your owm people really appreciated it. To Micheal Chong am your fan for you has helps a lot of people regardless their background, and may one day you will be blessed for what you done. For Dr chua at least you dare to admit your wrongdoing. All I asks is to be blessed with a peaceful country and a One Malaysia nation.For Najib thanks for the all those bantuan and i hope please return the PPSMI or at least give an option. And for the Bn on the whole i know you all have been working hard, keep clean and humble.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish analysis is this? More like anal analyst type of thinking.

Even if DAP wins all the seats contested, the Malays will still form the majority in Parliament of course divided among UMNO, PAS, PKR and so forth.

So what if MCA or Gerakan goes down the drain. The impression of them being lame ducks to UMNO as tai koh has not change until today. So to the Chinese, it makes no difference voting for DAP or MCA or Gerakan. All are lame ducks anyway. Might as well give those with a higher moral ground a post in Parliament or the State Assembly.

I think the young Malays are now ready for PAS or PKR to take over from UMNO in running the country and this may happen when all the minority Chinese, Indians, East Malaysians gave their support to PAS or PKR.

UMNO has just signed their own death warrant by making MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan etc all lame ducks in the eyes of their supporters.

UMNO, go tell all the minorities you don't need even their votes and support and it'll be a quicker and faster death soon.

Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous said...

C'mon don't act naive. On the surface yes we are not racist, but right under the skin everybody are racist. That's why in S'pore there are selfhelp group like Mendaki for Malay, CDC for Chinese and Sinda for Indian. In anything we will give priority to family members and then relative and then what? Meritocracy your head! The Malay and Indian should learn from chinese.. How their community are so successful. Because their racist and by nature there are nothing wrong to be racist Their businesses are supported strongly by their own consumer. They will vote for their own leader and the long list goes on and on..school..etc..They put their common interest first. that how they continue to exist and survive. So we are racist right under our skin and what wrong with that....

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this bro... but the younger you go, the less likely you will find support for UMNO..

Those in their 10s and 20s... you have better chance finding the Taming Sari than finding a UMNO supporter from these youth.

The real solution is to liberalize and really do it... not just tall talk. take the ground claimed by the opposition. But it is too late. UMNO has 4 years

Purple Haze said...

The ultimate question is whether UMNO can change.

The younger generation does not identify with the old school of UMNO.

Factions within UMNO are taking potshots at all manner of sensitive issues - the pendatangs, the non-Muslims, education are some of them.

UMNO leadership has been caught time and time again using double speak - saying one thing in fron t of one crowd and another for another audience. This in itself will confuse everyone.

You have the PM championing 1Malaysia which is a good clarion call. Then, you have the DPM stating that he is Malay first, Malaysian 2nd.

Has the DPM lost his marbles going in direct conflict with his boss ?

Can you understand why the non-Malay ethinic groups think UMNO is a sinking ship ? There is no unity within UMNO and the messages sent out support that view.

orekappung said...

given the situation,, ge13 has tested and proven melayu split badly and chinese united... and this split and unity, respectively, does not change the status quo. now your ubah group will have to garner majority malay to change this country... u think you can get them? WE SAY THAT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. The crunch is the natural racism. malay tanahmelayu racism has the X-factor ...-ISLAM...unbreakable

Anonymous said...

The BN has not lost Chinese support. They never did have Chinese support. They had a Chinese burden to carry. A Chinese "stone ion their shoe" they needed to get rid off. And the Chinese did that job for them. A very bad very high risk miscalculation by the Chinese.

It is the shot in the arm the Malays as a majority have needed for decades. Single handedly and with the support of groups like Waytha Murthis they engineered the expulsion of the Chinese in the same way the Chinese engineered their own expulsion from Malaysia to create a Chinese enclave called Singapore to the exclusion of Indians and Malays.

Yes the Malays will need to reinvent themselves and their politics. But the Chinese being who they are will sell each other out to cut a swathe to the door of the BN for favours, for licenses, for permits and for being relevant.