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Ambiga, Anwar:Is The British Electoral Roll Dirty Too?

Hantu Laut

Is Malaysia electoral roll as dirty as Ambiga and Anwar made it out to be that they have to organise a huge rally calling for free and fair elections?

Our laws and parliamentary system are inherited from the British.Almost everything in government are based on the British system including our civil service and not forgetting we, like the Brits, also drive on the wrong side of the road, different from the rest of Europe and America.

We have inherited a unique system of government which had prevailed well over the decades until some smart asses came up with their stupid argument that there was something very wrong with the system. 

The 2005 U.K.Elections gave Labour only 36.1% of the total votes, but they managed to form the government on their own, against the total oppositions votes of 64.%.

Even if all the opposition parties joined forces, they still do not have enough seats to form the government.

This table indicates those parties with over one seat, Great Britain only
Seats %Votes %Votes
Labour Party35556.536.19,552,436
Conservative Party19831.533.28,782,192
Liberal Democrats629.922.65,985,454
Scottish National Party61.01.6412,267
Plaid Cymru30.50.7174,838


The Labour Party only had 36.1% of the total votes but 56.5% of the total seats.The Conservative and all other parties put together had 63.9% of the votes but only 43.5% of the seats.

No citizen and no one in the opposition complained that the UK electoral roll is dirty or the system is fucked up.The losers took the losses in their stride.

Even Raja Petra has written about this a number of times, which was a bit unfortunate, since he now lives in the U.K, he should have known better that the same anomaly exists in the British system.

The 2010 U.K.Elections was highly contested that ended in a 'hung' parliament.No single party has sufficient majority to from the government. The result below.


  • Prediction
  • 326 to win
Liberal Democrat
Democratic Unionist Party
Scottish National Party


  1. CON36.1%
  2. LAB29.0%
  3. LD23.0%
  4. OTHERS11.9%


5%From LAB to CON

Labour lost the government on 5% swing to the Conservative, yet the Conservative can't form the government on their own.

We are different from the American system as far as elections are concerned.The American president is indirectly elected by the people through what they called electoral colleges, but members of the federal legislature, the Congress are elected directly.

I have great faith in our democracy and our electoral system, it may not be perfect, but than no system is perfect, everyone has a fair chance of winning an election, without fear or favour, as can be seen in March 2008. The opposition did not win the federal government then was because of the system, not of cheating or dirty electoral rolls.

I challenge Ambiga and Anwar to show substantive proof that there had been massive cheating in past elections and that the electoral rolls are dirty.

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Anonymous said...

Error in your posting. Only 22270 people in rally not 150,000 people. So relax. we can continue to cheat.