Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bar Council's Crock Of Shit !

Hantu Laut

I need not fill the glass to the brim or indulge in prolixity on the Bar Council claims of impartiality, even handedness and their premature condemnation of police brutality in the BERSIH 3  rioting. 

It was rioting in every sense of the word which requires forceful means to stop it flaring into uncontrollable civil unrest. The Bar Council seems to encourage this kind of political expedition in the name of the right to peaceful assembly. 

No assembly of tens of thousands of people congregating in a small place have been known to be peaceful, more tensional and tinder, if anything to go by, a potential source of trouble.

Need not write a lengthy masterpiece on this. A scattering would suffice.

Read their pathetic response at http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/special-reports/49488-loyarburok-responds-to-roger-tan

They say they arrived at the conclusion based on observations made by 80 lawyers deployed by the Bar Council. 

As Roger Tan rightly say who are these 80 lawyers, people of such impeccable character that their testimonies are gospel truth. 

Are they godsends ?

Are they saying all lawyers are saints and angels, unquestionably righteous, therefore, we must believe in what they say. 

How can they be independent and impartial if all of them represent the Bar Council ? 

No matter how hard they try, they can't fool right thinking Malaysians with their pile of poo. Only the blinkered opposition supporters would be in feeding frenzy and swallow the poo.......... hook, line and sinker.


Raj said...

No one should be judge in his own cause (Legal maxim: "nemo debet esse index in propria causa.")Anyway, there's an old English proverb that says "the devil makes his Christmas pies of lawyers' tongues."

Anonymous said...

How can a resolution from pariah lawyers can be valid? Pathetic and very annoying creatures.

Purple Haze said...

i think another crock of shit is the President of the KL Petty Traders Assn which tried to organise a Pasar Malam in Damansara Heights.

The economics of having a Pasar Malam in Damansara Hieghts would not have worked out well for the traders, especially the person who allegedly paid a few thousand RM for a prime spot.

But the real crock of shit is that this President still calls himself a "petty trader" when he runs multiple businesses including one of importing luxury cars (you know, Ferraris and the like).

Is he believable as a "petty trader" ? If he is, then something is really wrong with the systems in this country. These rich dudes are holding on to their ikan bakar licence and preventing others from making a start in business like they once were given the opportunity.

Can you understand why the young Malaysians are frustrated ?

shafeek said...

Can't wait to read your 'masterpiss' mate. All these naughty people have to be told off, especially by someone like you. GO BRO!

Anonymous said...

Going by PH 'logistico' the president of the labor movements must be a laborer riding a measly Kancil?