Friday, May 11, 2012

Najib, Call Off The Probe on Bersih 3 Violence,There Are Many Ways To Skin A Cat

Hantu Laut

Anwar Ibrahim demanded Tun Haniff Omar to step down as head of the government's independent panel to probe on the Bersih 3 violence. 

As far as I am concern the probe is unnecessary as there were sufficient evidence to show the people that the police had acted with restraint until unruly protesters encouraged by the de facto opposition leader and his sidekick stormed the barriers to break into Dataran Merdeka. The police reacted only after they demolished the barrier and passed the security fence.

I am most disappointed with the Prime Minister to allow himself to be inundated with opposition's lies and  formed a panel to investigate the root of the violence to try mollify the oppositions, when the very man culpable of causing it was non other than the same man who now wanted Tun Haniff to step down. 

Najib should by now realise  there is no "thank you" from the opposition in whatever he does and he should not waste time trying to appease them. He must remember their main objective is to bring him down and those who are firmly against him would not change their minds and have a "dog in the manger" attitude, prepared to run riot to destabilise the country.

Haniff was right that there are neo-communist elements in the Bersih group that wanted very much to destabilise Malaysia for their own reason.Amiga is a puppet. 

Anwar can also be called a neo-communist as he does not tolerate opposition of any kind against him.How many of his friends have left him over the years as they could not stand his dictatorial ways? Ask how many of Najib's friends have left him? 

There, it shows who believes in democracy and freedom for the people.Anwar failed miserably, without any doubt. He is merely a user and a bad one.The moment he has no use of you or sees you as a political threat, your are dead meat! Chandra Muzaffar and lately,  Zaid Ibrahim knew what it takes to work with Anwar.

Anwar warned Haniff that the communist threat is over.If that rang true,  how would he explain the outpouring of sympathies for Chin Peng by certain sector of the Malaysian population, to the extent of even demanding that the Malaysian government reinstate his citizenship and allow him to come back to Malaysia.Chin Peng has clearly stated that he had no remorse and stuck to his ideology.

There are better things to do other than kow-towing to the troublesome oppositions who has nothing constructive to offer the people.

Since the opposition is unappreciative and not agreeable to the officials selected for the panel I would urge Najib to call it off.

There are many ways to skin the cat.

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Purple Haze said...

The Bar Council voted on the resolution about police voilence. The results were shocking.

939 for and 16 against.

Does this mean that there are at least 939 anti-govt lawyers or does it mean that the lawyers do have a conscience (despite all those lawyer jokes ?)