Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Najib Disband The Panel And Treat The Bar Council As A Political Party

Hantu Laut

The Bar council is on head-on collision with the government when they show arrogance and disrespect to the government appointed panel on police brutality at the Bersih 3 rioting.

Without the opposition Pakatan Rakyat active involvement Ambiga would not be able to rally 100 people let alone 150,000. The huge number was claimed by Anwar Ibrahim and him taking much of the credit for the huge turnout and the subsequent mayhem. The Wall Street Journal, who used to love him dearly have asked him to plead guilty, pay the fine and be done with it.

When you overdo things even your closest ally would get fed up, just like many of his close friends and aides that left him because they could not tolerate his unjust behaviour.

My advice to Prime Minister Najib is to disband the panel immediately and start treating the Bar Council not as  amalgamation of lawyers but as that of politicians and a political party. 

Lawyer always think they are smarter than everyone else and this bunch of adolescent degraded the legal fraternity to a band of cranks, churlish and foolhardy.

What kind of oxymoron statement from the Council's vice-president, one Christopher Leong when he said "He said the council holds strong to its position that Tun Hanif Omar should be disqualified from the post of the panel’s chairman as the latter had already previously indicated his anti-Bersih views"

Then he said "however, that the council was not questioning Hanif’s integrity as it respects the former Inspector-General of Police’s contribution to the country"

Moron! You either respect his integrity or you don't! There's no two ways about it.

This is what happened when you have callow and wet behind the ears lawyers heading the council. 

If they want to party, let's party!

Story at http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/bar-council-to-shun-hanif-panel-backs-suhakams-bersih-probe/

Latest: Bersih has joined the Bar Council snubbing the panel led by Haniff.  Here.

It makes sense to disband the panel as its finding would never be accepted by the Bar Council, Bersih, Pakatan Rakyat and pro-opposition supporters.

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