Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nicholas Xenophon Accused A Priest Of 50-Year Old Unproven Rape

Hantu Laut

This man from "Down Under" is a political opportunist using the cover of parliamentary privilege to accuse a priest of a 50-year old rape for which no investigation or charge has been brought against the man.

It's in the word of the accuser against the accused for which this marsupial mole is prepared to destroy a man's character and reputation for his own political expediency.

Well, that's it, so much for the man who supported same sex marriage. 

Has he an axe to grind against mainstream religions too?

Read the article below:

In naming a priest accused, Xenophon has gone too far

For all the ridiculous stunts he has pulled at different times in his political life, Nick Xenophon’s underlying compassion for the downtrodden and the abused has never seriously been questioned. The worst that could be said of him is he is a political opportunist who knows how to push the populace’s buttons.
This time, however, he has pushed into new territory that raises troubling issues about his motives and judgment.
In the Senate last night, Xenophon used parliamentary privilege to name and shame an Adelaide priest accused of s-xual abuse 50 years ago. The man concerned has categorically denied the allegation, he has never been charged and the allegations have never been tested in a court of law.
Thanks to Xenophon, the priest’s identity and the Adelaide suburban parish where he serves are now in the public domain. His name has been widely reported by the ABC and in The Australian (though not in local newspaper The Advertiser on the grounds that evidence of the allegations has not become publicly available).
Xenophon says he had to name the priest because the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide had failed to adequately investigate the r-pe allegations, which were made by the now-primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, John Hepworth. Xenophon evidently has issues with senior figures within the Catholic Church.
The Archdiocese says it’s shocked and dismayed with his statement. Quite.
Despite the priest’s denial and the presumption of innocence, Xenophon has totally destroyed the man’s character — a brave call on unproven allegations.

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