Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Selena Tay: Najib's Slayer

Hantu Laut 

This lady is either very infatuated with Najib or she is suffering from extreme hate syndrome. She may also be a closet racist engaging in subtle racism.

Part of her handiwork below:

"This shows him as inconsistent and inefficient with a penchant for changing his mind. It also means that he can do the same with regard to formulating the laws and policies of the nation as well – a frightening thought indeed for the foreign investors to ponder upon".

Laws are enacted by Parliament not the PM, policies goes to cabinet for approval. Running a nation is not a one man show.

"Overall during his tenure, the misappropriation of funds seems to be the norm and there were also two mysterious deaths at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission premises (the first in July 2009 and the second in April last year)".

You mean Najib also sanctioned these two mysterious deaths?

"This is the common modus operandi of a confidence trickster. He gives you a small gift to gain your trust and confidence. After that, he says you are eligible for something bigger but first of all you have to invest RM3,000 in the scheme (read: scam)".

 Haha! We have a con-man PM!
"By the way, one has to remember that Najib failed to answer this question posed to him earlier this year: In the event that Pakatan Rakyat wins the 13th general election, will you hand over power graciously in a smooth transition? Till today, he has yet to answer the question".

Of course not, why should he, he should just proclaim himself the King of Malaysia, in a new republic called Malayoland.

Does she get orgasm with this kind of writing?

Spurned lovers do? 

They get orgasmic when hitting below the belt.

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Anonymous said...

I think she's referring to Comrade Lim Guan Eng of the People's Republic of Pulau Pinang and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim the Rear Admiral !!!

Purple Haze said...

I don't know who she is but perhaps interestingly enough, Najib has been called a "false democrat" recently, together with some other illustrious characters, putting him in the same ilk.

My surprise is that Malaysia made the list whereas years ago, it would not have.

Times certainly have changed in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

She condemns based on race interest and by looking at it she is not professional.