Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Berita Hangat Olimpik-Pingat EMAS Untuk Malaysia

Hantu Laut

Berita terkini diterima dari Olimpik London akhirnya Malaysia dapat mengaut EMAS dalam acara "Lompat Katak" olih athlit pemegang emas yang terkenal dari daerah Beaufort, Sabah.

Olih kerana itu Perdana Menteri akan lupuskan kehalian beliau dari parti dan juga timbalan menteri untuk memberi beliau lebih masa berlatih sekuat-kuatnya bagi mempertahankan pingat EMAS beliau masa depan yang akan datang. Baca disini.

Uchapan "anak katak emas Beaufort", nama rakyat Sabah dijual untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.

Kan dalam pepatah English "a leopard never changes its spots" dan cara-cara maruah politik manusia ini sama dengan hidupan liar itu

Baca "Beyond The Rethoric:Lajim And Bamburing Are Not Gamechangers"

Jika anda pandai berbahasa English baca seterusnya nasihat seorang wartawan.

There should be no place for political frogs. Malaysians must tell our politicians they cannot accept such unprincipled politicians. It does not matter whether they are from BN, PKR, DAP or PAS but there should be laws to stop such unethical politicians. There has to be consistency, however, when we push for such legislation. There cannot be a right to a wrong. If a BN elected representative joins Pakatan Rakyat, it is still wrong. It cannot be right. We cannot justify it simply because of our political emotions. Read more.


Anonymous said...

Well, why doesnt Barisan pass a law banning party hopping then ?

They say its unconstituitional? Pass a constituitional amendment then. After all, Barisan has 'raped' the constituition numerous times already.

Then we shall see if Pakatan is the one against party hopping or is it Barisan .


Gram Kong said...


Your general knowledge sucks.BN never said party hopping is unconstitutional and has never raped the constitution.The constitution can only be changed by 2/3 majority in parliament, which is legal and allowed under the constitution. Do your homework before you let loose your cannon.

When BN took back Perak what did Anwar and Pakatan leaders did.They curse and swear at Najib to no end and what is Anwar doing attending to these two frogs now? He can, others can't, is it?

The problem with you intellectually challenged pro-opposition supporters you just shoot your mouth without caring to analyse the true situation.

Anonymous said...

You always go with the potential winners Juara Mas akan datang, lah.

The earlier the bigger the fruits, lah.

First it was 1 then 2 then the floodgates open, lah.

What's so difficult to understand politics?

Anonymous said...

Anwar whatever 'haram' for others is 'halal' to him. Anyway this time he is scrapping from the bottom of a barrel.