Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Malays: On The Horns Of A Dilemma

Hantu Laut 

Malay politicians who deny that Malays do not have to have political power is cheating themselves. They either overrate themselves, already in the comfort zone and lap of luxury, or do it for their own political expediency. 

Malays can only preserve their dignity and co-existence with other races if they adopt the adage "first among equals" in the country's politics. Without political power the Malays will lose economic power. History has shown the two go hand in hand.

The Chinese and Indians have been lucky that the Malays shared political power with them that gave them certain leverage in the formation of policies and running of the country.The minorities in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines aren't so lucky. They have to resort to terrorism and arm excursions to send the message across, futile as it may be, the struggle continued.

Don't cheat yourselves, without political power you can't compete with the Chinese on a level playing field. After over 30 years of NEP the Malays still could not achieve the economic equity set by the government. To be at par with the Chinese may be a bridge too far. The Chinese have few thousands years history of trade and commerce so it is not fair to compare the Malays with the Chinese.

The business world is a cruel world, it's survival of the fittest, can the Malays compete on a level playing field ? 

A question someone should ask Anwar. He was never a businessman, ask him where his wealth came from. We know where UMNO money came from but do we know where PKR money come from?

The Chinese have economic power, economic sustainability and controlled the economic lifeline of the country. The Malays are still far behind in the economic field and need nurturing to catch up with the Chinese.

Anwar losing his spark, no more spontaneous applause from the audience. People are tired of his theatrics.

Today, the Chinese are united, the Malays are not! No fault of the other races but the Malays themselves. 

..............who divides the Malays? Certainly not the Chinese or Indians. The man responsible for Malay disunity was none other than a Malay man by the name of Anwar Ibrahim..........

.............the Chinese  only saw the opportunity to come together, to be united, for the first time, since independence. Can you blame them?............

The Malays have lost direction, the educated ones think highly of themselves and think they don't need the crutches, but they forgot they are where they are today because of the same policy that helped them that need to help many more unfortunate Malays.

I am against NEP that enrich Malay leaders but those to help the less fortunate much stay.

Today, many successful Malays are the products of government policies and largesse, which they seem to have forgotten.

Do not blame other races for the Malay dilemma, blame Anwar Ibrahim and his personal vendetta against UMNO leaders.

He was instrumental for dividing the Malays for his own selfish agenda to be prime minister at the expense of Malay unity.

Read here sad journey of a Malay politician.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Sometimes I can't decide whether you are a Racist (& I don't think you are) or your hate for DSAI just clouds your intelligence?
The Malays are "behind" because UMNO have made them so. When you keep giving everything to them from the day they are born to the day they die, what impetus is there for them to strive & do well?
The Chinese aren't where they are because of Hundreds of years of Trade. They are where they are because they have no choice. You do or die.
There is nothing wrong with ALL the Races in Malaysia working together & whoever has power does not matter as long as they are Clean, Efficient & Colour Blind (all that UMNO is not!).
Non-Malay Parents (especially the Chinese) "program" their children at an early age to understand that they aren't going to get "a free lunch".
That's the difference bro...when you know you are going to get everything on your plate without working hard, then why work hard. Do badly in your O'Levels still can go to University, Fail your University Exams can still get a Degree, Can't speak proper English can still go to the UK or USA with a Scholarship. And this is a reality. I've seen it all my life.
The Malay Dilemma is not losing power. Their Dielmma is that they continue to support a Corrupted Regime like UMNO who will sooner than later drag them into the abyss. The reality is that the Malays have to vote for UMNO...why? How else to survive? They expect everything to be given to them by the Government! I'm sorry for them as my best friends are all Malays. To me they have a great Culture and are excellent friends but the UMNO Government is ruining them slowly just to keep in power!
And you blame DSAI? I know he's a typical Politician & he craves power (unlike UMNO? Hahahaha!). But the Malays have themselves to blame not DSAI.
When you don't do well don't make excuses, you screw up, don't make excuses, you fail don't blame anyone else (or maybe my Parents were wrong? Because that's what I was thought from the time started to walk! And that's what I'm teaching my son).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gram for not blaming us Chinese for the current state of affairs amongst the Malays.

However I disagree that the Malays do not have BOTH Political Power and Economic Power. You guys have both but only in a few Malays. You may to cast your eyes on one of your heroes for that fault.


Gram Kong said...

Am I a racist? I am not sure but I speak my mind, if it's hurtful for some people I tender my apology, but one should not be afraid of speaking out.

Unfortunately, you are not reading my article in the right context, I have no love for UMNO, nor do I agree with Pakatan's politics.

You must agree, there are more unfortunate Malays than Chinese and as you say Chinese can fend for themselves, which is exactly the picture I try to paint here, of the differences between the Chinese and the Malays.

SM, I used to do business with the Chinese.I know of a few Chinese towkays, who can't read or write English and Malay but can make millions every year.

I certainly blame Anwar, without him there would not be political upheavel in the country.He has no love for the people or country, he is narcissist, he loves himself. Not liking him does not cloud my intelligence.

PAS and DAP are just using Anwar as a vehicle to carry them to power, once they are there, believe me, the story will change, they will not give him the premiership if his party didn't do well.

I do agree UMNO leaders have abused some of the powers and corruptions have become a way of life for some of them.

Najib is trying hard, I would give him a second chance. I believe his next government would be totally different and would break away from the old UMNO culture.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Huh! I just realised that you are Gram!
Anyway, yes, I may have taken your article in the wrong context & I apologize if that's so.
I do agree, PR may not be any better than UMNO (notice I don't use BN as I have said all along MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan are all lap dogs) but to me if we don't try to change then change will be forced on us.
As for Najib, I believe he truly is trying to make a difference but he has not shown the political will to push his reforms. He needs to sack all of his "little Napoleons" first or his reforms will only get him ousted like Pak Lah (& then we are in serious trouble coz you know who's going to take over from him!).
If PR takes over, maybe they will not be any different, & maybe they will be even worse BUT if they are, well when the next GE they will be changed.
We don't try we don't know! As the saying goes "don't knock it until you have tried it"!

Purple Haze said...

Bro HL

I agree with you and SM that Najib is trying hard. But his enemies are not the Opposition but within his own party. Having said that, I still think that the BN will retain its majority but that will leave Najib highly exposed to the pressure groups within UMNO. That is going to curtail his "reforms" unless he removes the dissidents.

My feeling now is that the younger voters in Malsysia are swaying to the PR due to the prominence of the younger leaders such as Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Rafizi, etc. Khairy is a persona non grata in UMNO while there are few others in the other component parties in the BN.

The NEP (and variants thereof) should be for all races in Malaysia.

By comparison and in relative terms, the Indian community & indigenous races need help the most from the NEP - not the Malays or the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

While I am for Najib's trying to change attitude, he seems powerless to do so. The warlords with self interests are simply too powerful.

I am of the opinion too that BN will retain the Putrajaya, to the dismay of Anwar (whom I distrust) but Najib will be ousted just like Pak Lah. God help us all if our DPM and Mukhriz take over! I shudder with the thought.

Selamat Berpuasa.


Anonymous said...

Bro HL,

I agree with Anonymous 5:16PM.
Mr DPM is waiting excitedly at the side-lines! With TDM firmly supporting him (so as to ensure Mukhriz ascendency into the of op levels of UMNO), I fear Najib's days are numbered. Just like Pak Lah, when the results of the next GE come in...