Monday, August 6, 2012

A Lawyer, ADUN, A Shithead, Nevertheless!

Hantu Laut

He claimed to be a lawyer but a shithead, nevertheless. A nobody who won in the last election by default.

His tweets;


Lin Dan is so stylish.So modern.Doesn't look like a China man.But from China.Tattoo all over. 

Najib,whatever monetary reward promised for Chong Wei,please give it to the poor boy Lin Dan. 

If Chong played better than Lin Dan,why Chong Wei did not win?So who is talking nonsense? 

Whoever wins a GOLD Medal in OLYMPICS,we must congratulate them. 

If Chong Wei played better than Lin Dan,why didn't he win?We must be firm with our players so that we can see a GOLD one day, 

Najib should stop promising monetary rewards to all our players before winning. 

Many don't seemed to understand when I said "poor boy Lin Dan".Najib thinks of only money even in sports.Stop it. 

Malaysia will win its first GOLD Medal in Olympics after Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. 

Pakatan has a very capable sports minister in waiting.Give Pakatan to rule Putrajaya to bring in the Gold in next Olympics in Rio 2016.

Maybe, he should migrate to China so he can be near his hero.

Malaysians should condemn this man in the harshest possible way for his insensitivity and snide remarks on Lee Chong Wei's loss last night. 

Lee has tried his best, played well, but luck was not on his side that night.He lost just by 2 points in the third set. One man's sorrow should not be another man's delight.

One can see the look of disappointment on Chong Wei's face and his feeling of having let the nation down. His somber expression did not fail to attract the ESPN's commentor's attention who said this of him "Lee Chong Wei is such a great guy, but Lin Dan is a bit arrogant. Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts"

Is this moron Manoharan a better sportsman?

What has he achieved for this nation other than farting from his mouth.


Anonymous said...

He fought gallantly for the country. It was just not his day. As for this YB this is a shining example of the type of leaders we will get if we don't vote wisely. Totally disrespectful and downright rude!

Anonymous said...

This moron, Mano, is a real 'Kemaluan Besar' , a disgrace to all Malaysians . Chong Wei played the finest badminton I've seen for years , just sad to see him loose

Anonymous said...

if a guy claims he would do better in sport but there was no previous track record to support them, obviously that guy is talking cock and craving for cheap publicity as well.

Anonymous said...

An ugly moron with an uglier message. Vote him out!

SM said...

Bro HL,

I partially agree with you. Mano acted like a shithead & should be severely dealt with by the DAP for his stupidity. He should never have associated Politics to this Badminton match.
Now let's get to the the LCW - LD match. Lin Dan consistently beats LCW. Ok, LCW beats that shithead LD once in a while (let's face it, no true Malaysian likes LD. He's arrogant & unsports-man like!).
However, to say LCW lost because of luck is nonsense. LD won because he had that little extra that LCW did not have.
The reason Malaysians never excel (well Nicole & LCW are exceptions) is because they make excuses (especially the luck thing!).
If I'm not mistaken, LCW apologized for losing BUT he never said he lost because of bad luck. Let's face it, LCW is a good player BUT LD is better!
For the record, I'm not Chinese & I don't intend to migrate to China, just because I say LD is a better player.
Let's hope LCW beats LD one last time before LCW retires.

Anonymous said...

This stupid ADUN DAP tak tahu menghargai penat lelah DLCW yg berusaha bersungguh2 dan sedaya upaya untuk menang. If u tgk that day for first set, Lin Dan menyumpah diri sendiri atas kesilapan kecil yg dia buat yg tak pernah saya lihat sebelum ini. Tapi ada lagi si bangsat yg mengagung-agungkan orang luar. Sepatutnya kerakyatan dia sebagai rakyat malaysia di tarik balik dan hantar dia kat Andaman & Nicobar Island. Tak guna minta maaf balik setelah damage have been done.

Gram Kong said...


I am afraid you are no better than Manoharan, you are trying to justify your argument because you support Pakatan. It is common everywhere in the world that in everything we do people believe there is that little element of luck that determine success.You are splitting hairs.You know as well as I do It is always hard work and a little bit of luck.

It is not about who is better and who is not, we all know Lin Dan is a better player, only slightly better.It is not about them, it's about the moron YB who politicised the defeat of Chong Wei without rhyme and reason.

Yes, I still think he should migrate to China and see whether he gets better treatment there.

Anonymous said...

This pariah cannot migrate to china because a non chinese cannot become a chinese citizen. Of course the chinese in this country dont want to talk about this racism when in fact they are the biggest racist on earth.

SM said...

Bro HL,

LD consistently beats LCW & there's no luck involved there!
LCW needs to be commended for trying his best & not making excuses. However, the reality is he lost so showering him with gifts (like what both the BN & Opposition is doing now) is wrong.
And just because I support the Opposition, does not mean I'm as dumb-assed as Mano!
As I said the reason Malaysian Sports men & women never excel is because they keep giving excuses.
We make our own luck. Something that Malaysian Sportsmen will have to learn the hard way & until they do we will always be second best.
When Nicole loses she doesn't use Luck as an excuse she says the other player played better. That's why she is World Champion & that's why we have so few of them in Malaysia.
Nothing to do with supporting the Opposition. And since you did bring up that point, let me say that...when you give someone a handicap all his life from the day he's born, because he's of a certain Race & Religion, do you think he's going to excel in anything? I think you can answer that see it everyday in everyway Locally & in the International Arena.

Anonymous said...

LCW did not give any excuses. He just said what happened. Not the same as giving excuses. Saying the other player is better is also an excuse. Try to differentiate between the two. Other governments also reward their sportsmen. Nothing wrong with that. Even in exams the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are rewarded. So what would you do to LCW if you are a leader? Hang him?