Friday, August 24, 2012

Itu Peribahasa English Lah, Bodoh!

Hantu Laut

Is she ignorant or she thinks it is Mahathir that is ignorant? 

Read what Nurul Izzah says here about Mahathir's use of the English idiom "better the devil you know (than the devil you don't)" which means "it is wiser to deal with someone familiar, though you may not like them, than to deal with someone who you do not know, who might be worse."

"I'm disappointed that Mahathir called Najib a devil...he is not," she told a press conference today.

Hahaha! Of course Najib is a devil in the eyes of Pakatan leaders and supporters as much as I and many others see the devil in her father Anwar Ibrahim and other Pakatan leaders.

Is she a product of our local education system that only study English as a subject and go no further?

Dear Nurul Izzah! It's metaphoric.


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam and Selamat Hari Raya HL,

The bigger picture is - these are the kind of leaders we Malaysians will get if PR comes to power. Not only arrogant, stupid as well.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

Since she is that stupid (benak in pidgin Malay), you(HL)were just wasting your precious time tapping the keyboard to enlightened her! Educated with a degree, she might be, but her thinking cap is her kneecap!

Anonymous said...

Or was she trying purposely to be stupid? Most rakyat grip on the language are not really strong, and when they see the word 'devil', ha, sah le tu syaitan.

I blame her too, never liked her sharp foxy (in an evil cunning way) face.

My late father, a teacher used to say, kurang ilmu, senang ditipu orang.

Anonymous said...

The problem is sometimes English sayings can backfire.

Mahathir compared BN to the Devil we know, and Pakatan to an unknown angel.

Do you know what happen when we make a deal with the Devil? We lose in the end.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she only learned only basic English... my god..I'm coming

Anonymous said...

Familiarity breeds contempt.

What about using "Better the angel you know, then the one you don't"

Why use devils?

Anonymous said...

Nak buek camno? Dah bobal.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Now you are purposely being silly.

You & I know very well (well your readers don't obviously, based on thier comments here. Probably due to their lack of grey matter) that Nurul is no dope.

She knows very well what Mahatir meant!

She also knows most Malaysians (as your article so clearly points out) learn only enough English (through the BN Educational System I must add) to get by. By saying what she said, she knows most Malaysians will agree, chiefly because they will have no idea what that Phrase meant!

You see, a good speaker will talk to his audience based on what they understand.

Purple Haze said...

Many view points will be extolled on this but basically, Tun Dr M has made an admission that BN is bad and inferring that PR is worse.

That's an opinion that can be debated without end but what was more revealing was that Tun Dr M admitted that BN is a "devil" (inferring it has done bad things).

This goes against the usual BN mantra of "look how many good things we have done". Tun Dr M has put the pejuang BN in a poor light 'cos now the BN poltiicians have to dismiss his statement, which then creates a dilemma.

Is his goal to displace PM Najib much as Badawi was displaced ?