Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anwar The Famous Rockstar !

Hantu Laut

There is nothing wrong if your rich friend give you a free ride in his private jet or private yacht if you are not a politician running for the highest office in the country.

"Carry fire in one hand and water in the other" from Plautus of Latin literature that depicts a person who is prepared to act in totally contradictory ways to achieve his purposes.

As always, Anwar contradicts himself again.

From this luxury coach with only 19 seats, a massage chair and toilet for 2 people (?)

To this Falcon 900 private jet. This is one of the few private executive jets with head standing room.Estimated cost new US$40 million.

Anwar Ibrahim talked about transparency, incorruptibility and integrity of the highest order and accused the current leaders in government of corruptions and abuse of powers and, he, the prime minister wannabe accepted a free ride in a Falcon 900 private jet funded by a rich businessman, whom he called friend. 

He admitted he needs not have to pay for it and think that was the right thing to do and had the cheek to say he asked the photographs to be taken to show transparency. What transparency if you refused to divulge the name of the businessman, the benefactor to your political cause.

He is lucky he is in Malaysia where most people do not consider it's morally wrong for politicians to accept freebies. In the U.S,  if he is running for president the press wolves would tear him to pieces if the name of the giver is cloaked in secrecy and the wannabe president asked the press to check the name with Civil Aviation. 

In Western politics that would be suicidal but than we are not Westerners and most Malaysians are cut from the same cloth, they can't separate the wheat from the chuff.

Haven't you heard of nominees and trust companies where one can hide one's identity? To find out Anwar's benefactor would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Well, Mr Anwar Ibrahim, of all people, you should know well enough that nothing is free in this world. As with all very rich businessmen in this world they hope and some may even demand a return on their investment. They look at you as an investment first and a friend second and if they made a bad business decision, they are prepared to write you off as a loss and account it as tax deductible expenditure. 

Politics and business are calculated risks that, sometimes, don't pay off and some businessmen are prepared to take the gamble.

Pakatan Rakyat claimed they are poor, have no money and pleaded to the rakyat to donate money to their political cause. 

Do you, the rakyat, see this as true, judging from how the de facto leader and your probable future prime minister already living the high life of a famous rockstar?

Anwar says paid nothing for private jet trip


abdooss said...

Do you know that PAS got its HQ at Jalan Raja Laut for free too. Also from a businessman. That is all I know. Let's see you can get more details?

eddy said...

Toilet for 2 people....hmmm the mind boggles :)

Anonymous said...

Pergi Sabah sakit pinggang. Pergi Europe pinggang tak sakit! Main dengan china doll atas bawah depan belakang pinggang tak sakit!

Anonymous said...

Kalau sakit kepala makan cinadol. Awas yang tiruan. Anwar tau mana boleh dapat yang ori.