Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloody Shameless Sabah Politicians !

Hantu Laut

There are a dime a dozen of this type of Sabah politicians who couldn't care less what people think of their shameless behaviour....... dishonest, lack of integrity, no self-respect and no sense of shame.

Today, I read with great consternation a statement that appeared in the Daily Express made by former Sabah Finance Minister Mohd Noor Mansor saying he regretted joining Harris Salleh, whom he now accused of not having compassion at the time to those who died in the tragic plane crash.

Mansor said "If I had only known then, I would not have joined Berjaya..... the signing of the oil agreement with Petronas  seemed to show no respect to the passing of State leaders in the air-crash.

This man is a pathetic clown and need to see a shrink!

Wasn't he the one who sold the Berjaya building?

Berjaya and Harris ruled the state for almost nine years and he was Finance Minister. What happened then, did he lock up his conscience in the drawer for nine solid years and show no remorse then that he had actually and joyfully participated in such unconscionable act and only found his conscience almost three decades later and blamed Harris for water under the bridge.

Appallingly shameless!

Obviously, shame is not in his vocabulary.

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Anonymous said...

All the worms start crawling out when the direction of the wind is shifting.

It's time to start shifting blame before the game is up finally.

It will end with any former PM and CM getting all the blame finally.

It's called preparing for the crunch when it comes. That's smart and don't need to see any shrink.