Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Khalid Ibrahim Should Stop Making Excuses, Eat Humble Pie And Apologise To The Sultan.

Hantu Laut

In the first place who gave her the authority to speak out on the issue? As a political secretary what's her locus standi on palace matters?

It's a great embarrassment for the Selangor government, which has given proof that they have no idea how to run a government.

Arrogance have gotten into their head, so much so, they failed to observe protocol.

What is Khalid Ibrahim doing asking his political secretary to make such ludicrous and absurd statement blaming the palace for not asking to be invited. 

Nobody, who has sense of shame, would asked to be invited, even to a friend's party. If you don't get an invite from your friend means you are not liked and the person is not a friend.

It shows Khalid is as dumb, if not dumber, than his political secretary, who has added insult to injury, which may further enrage the Sultan. 

The right person who should clear the air and apologise to the Sultan is the STATE SECRETARY and the MENTERI BESAR himself.

Read what the political secretary said of the Sultan here. 

Khalid stop making excuses, just go eat humble pie and apologise to the Sultan for the oversight and sack your political secretary immediately or if she received instruction from you, sack yourself. 

To err is human, to forgive divine. The Sultan may forgive you for your stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Apabila apa-apa bangsa atau keturunan pun yang dipilih sebagai pentadbir negeri atau nnegara tidak mengetahui sejarah, adat istiadat, kedudukan hireki, protokol dan banyak lagi hal-hal berkaitan kenegaraan dan tak mau belajar sebab ingat dah pandai, maka berlakulah apa yang telah berlaku. Fekah tu budak mentah lagi patut pun, ni yang bergelar Tan Seri tu apa kejadahnya sampai tak tau adat?
Yang penasihat tu pun satu, dah tau awak tu 'a nobody' di dalam senarai protokol Selangor pi dok nak sua domoi hang buat apa? Tak malu punya worang ka?

Anonymous said...

Kenapa Khalid perlu meminta maaf kapada Sultan.Apa salah yang dilakukan.Retak mencari belah.

Anonymous said...

Its the norm to officially invite the state's Sultan/Head of State to a state level National Day celebration and the PR in Selangor had already just shown its blatant uncouth behavior. PR dogs are just plain uncivilized baboons now.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Why should he? If he has to apologize to the Sultan of Selangor then TDM should also apologize to the Malaysian Royalty for what he did to them all those years ago!
So it's OK for UMNO to be arrogant but when someone else shows it a bit they have to eat Humble Pie?! Hah!
As Christ said...Why look at the speck in your brother's eye when there's a log in your own?!

Anonymous said...

heran betul, kenapa anwar yang tak hantar surat untuk dijemput boleh dijemput oleh khalid, apa memang ada protokol ke cakap punaisihat ekonomi boleh dijemput bagi menggantikan sultan???

anon September 4, 2012 3:46 PM, jawapan kepada anda, kerana kebodohannya untuk tidak dapat membezakan sultan dengan punaisihat

Gram Kong said...


I am rather shocked by your reply.You are a very misinformed person or, maybe, just too emotional.

They are not the same, Khalid is insulting the Sultan while what Mahathir did is for the good of the rakyat.

Mahathir changed the Federal constitution after the incident at a golf course and under the law he is allowed to change it, if he can get 2/3 majority, which he did, which was representative of the people's wishes through their elected representatives in Parliament.

SM, you need to polish your knowledge of the law and the Constitution before you bark up the wrong tree.

Don't just parrot Pakatan leaders, they are not all that smart and not forgetting they are politicians, whose jobs are to lead and mislead.

arizmaya said...

SM is simply stupid...
agree with Gram Kong

Dr. M never insult the royalty. He never sidestep or ignore the royalty. What he did was to put the meaning of Raja Berpelembagaan into its proper perspective.. that our raja and sultan are to be guided by the constitution. They are not the absolute monarchy.. the one that is beyond reproach of the law, as they thought they were all this while.
But what Khalid gagap is doing is totally a different ball game altogether. It is an out-right snub of the sultan of selangor..