Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarawak Report:The Bitching And Ranting Of A Sore Loser

Hantu Laut

Why don't you screw your own government for not listening to your demand, or better still screw the royal couple for bringing shame to your country.

William and Kate have also visited Soloman Islands which had suffered serious environmental damage and degradation of its forests due to unsustainable and illegal logging activities and corruptions, but you are completely silent on the Solomon but keep barking like a mad dog at Sabah and Sarawak Chief Ministers with your skewed and twisted political agenda.

Are you really concerned about the environment or you have prostituted yourself to the Malaysian oppositions. The answer is obvious.

You have put pen to paper but did not pen your name to the story.

Ain't, life a bitch ! When you have to hide behind the face of anonymity, pretending and deceiving people into believing that you are an accredited news portal, ostensibly you are not,  you are merely a blog with one political agenda.....placarding Sabah and Sarawak Chief Ministers with lies, half-truths and untruths for the sake of the oppositions.

Read the endless bitching of an English woman who has made Malaysian politics her regular meals.

Sabah Trip Goes Tits Up!

A story about topless sunbathing has dominated international coverage of the William and Kate Sabah trip.
It means the destruction of the jungle of Borneo, caused by corruption in Malaysia’s highest political circles, has been ignored in favour of a lot of fuss about a ‘Peeping Tom’ photographer.
One person who will be relieved is Chief Minister Musa Aman.  Sabah may not have got the international attention it might have, but then nor did his corrupt practices.
William and Kate were whisked to a canopy walk in Danum Valley, where they also photographed captive orang utans, and then whisked away again.
Thanks to the destruction of most of Sabah’s natural heritage that is all most tourists get to do in Sabah anyway.

The UK’s Guardiannewspaper had reflected on the situation in Sabah earlier in the week, drawing attention to the concerns that the Royal visit would do less to help save what is left of Borneo than bolster the corrupt regime of the greedy man who has been driving the deforestation.

The top international NGO Global Witness likewise has condemned the visit and asked Prince William to consider the real causes of deforestation, which is the corruption of ministers.Read more.

Sarawak Report, your trusted source of lies, untruths and falsifications.


Anonymous said...

Pemilik blog ini adalah pelacur UMNO BN. Kalau tak tahu keadaan sebenar yang berlaku di sarawak, Baiklah sekali saudara diam dan jangan kata apa-apa tentang sarawak report. Saya adalah natives asal sarawak tahu apa sebenarnya yang berlaku. Isu rampasan tanah NCR dan pembalakan berlaku saban bulan di sarawak. Tolonglah buat kajian dan siasatan sebelum mengeluarkan kenyataan.Anda sedang menunjukkan kebodohan anda kepada pembaca blog disini.

Gram Kong said...


Yang diperbodohkan olih bekas penjaja ialah kamu. Kalau disuru makan tahi makanlah. Tidal ada tanah nenek moyang kamu di Sarawak atau di Sabah, itu ialah tanah kerjaaan. Isu NCR dibangkit oleh ahli2 politik yang sudah tidak waras seperti kamu.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous12.05, who cares..we'll make sure taib rot in jail if pakatan take over..and chinese communist like you can go back to china. Even sarawak chinese don't like taik semut.Maybe you want of taib scumbag that rob natives land.

Anonymous said...

Gram Kong, who cares..we'll make sure taib rot in prison if pakatan took over the states. Pirate like you can go back to china. Even Sarawak chinese don't like Taik Semut. Maybe you're the one of TAib gangster or crony.

Anonymous said...

Buang masa saje nak cari kebenaran kat sini tentang Sarawak atau Sabah.

Hak 20 /18 points tu semua atas kertas, saje.

NCR tu dah jadi macam "Red Indian Reservation Camp".

SM said...

Bro HL,

NCR land is "Tanah Kerajaan"? Hahahahaha. I guess since your ancestory came from Indonesia so you will say that!
For the "Real" Natives, it's their land that's being stolen. Nothing to do with the Opposition.
And in West Malaysia they are doing the same with the Orang Asli. Steal their land & put them in Reservations (like what the US did to the Native Red Indians!). Oh, by the way, if the Orang Asli convert to Islam, they do get land & houses & money!
It's time people woke up & smelt the coffee. The Opposition in Malaysia may be stupid & dumb & inefficient BUT the current Government is Corrupted & Evil.
55years of screwing Malaysians is enough!

Gram Kong said...


You are just one gullible person if you think Pakatan will be as clean as a whistle.

Look who are the people that Anwar collecting to join him. He is as shameless as the people he accused of corruptions.

Why you think people like Lajim, Bamburing,Yahya Lampong and many others joined him, they have exhausted their easy money in BN.

Don't be duped to think that they want to clean up corruptions, they don't want to miss the next gravy train, and mark my word, corruptions will be as bad, if not worse than BN.

I might even support PR if the Anwar factor is not there.Among the 3 partners I think DAP is the most consistence and I think they will take 50 to 60 MP seats and I rate PKR the worst, they are lucky if they can get 30 MP seats.

High probability BN will win again with smaller majority.