Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IGP Should Adopt Zero Tolerance On Rogue Policemen

Hantu Laut

What is the responsibility of a policeman?

Undoubtedly, first and foremost, protecting the life and property of the people and responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order.

When you are in trouble you look upon the police as your protector and saviour. That's what they are paid to do, to protect the public from criminal elements.  

One would not imagine being taken to a police station and gang-raped by policemen. 

You hear many horror stories of people dying in police custody and yet there have been very few serious internal investigations done by the police to resolve the problem and weed out bad elements in the police force. 

The IGP should take some responsibility of the misconduct of his men. There are just too many complaints against police misconduct for him to sit comfortably in his chair and do nothing constructive to salvage the police image, which have made the public to mistrust the whole police force because of the perverse behaviour of a few.

Though, we don't expect him to police each and every individual in the force, zero tolerance of indiscipline and waywardness by the top brass can drastically reduce shameful police misconduct among the lower rank. 

Obviously, some policemen think they can prey on the weak and the helpless as in the case of the hapless Indonesian girl who was stopped while on her way home in a taxi and practically abducted by three policemen with intent to use her to satisfy their lust. They took her to the police station, instead of giving her shelter and protection, raped her repeatedly. 

I hope justice will prevail for the poor girl and the three policemen if found guilty be given the maximum sentence under the law.


Anonymous said...


Good Joke.

Purple Haze said...

You should also highlight the "Justice for Kugan" campaign.

While I do not have sympathy for criminals, no one should die or be violated by the police while in their custody. It is simply a misuse of power.