Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wailers And Squealers: Malaysia's Moral Decay

Hantu Laut

Ethics is also called "moral philosophy" that systematise, defend and recommend the concepts of right and wrong conduct.

Many of you of my era would have read or knew of the great Greek philosopher Socrates. He was one of the founding fathers of Western philosophy. Most of his works are known through the writings of his students Plato and Xenophon. One of his great contributions was in the field of ethics.

I'll confine my writing to this moral concepts which is fast eroding in Malaysian society.

First, let's start with former IGP Musa Hassan's revelation of ministerial interference during his term of office. He named Home Minister Hishamuddin Onn as the culprit who sidestepped him by issuing directives direct to police officers under his command. He had never revealed his frustrations while in office, how much and how far the infraction has affected the morale of his men. There was complete silence from him then not even the smallest squeak or whimper. Why now? 

I won't rule out the probability of the breakdown of protocol with the Home Minister, who time and again, had shown remarkable talent for atrocious official pronouncements and certainly not the brightest star in the night sky. Some of his official responses had been quixotic and indigestible. 

If the IGP's memory is fleeting and he has no recollection of the chain of events during his term of office let me remind him it was the Home Minister who defended him and the police force and exposed himself to public ire and odium. 

No thanks to Hisham!

Hishamuddin may not be the brightest star and he is not the only one breaking with protocol and standard operating procedures of the civil service, there are dime a dozen of them our there, who domineer and demand respect from those they deem below their level.

While we can forgive Hishamuddin for his indiscretion and illegal excursion into police territory, he may not be the worst of the lot and as bad as the former police chief, who now appears to be trying to score brownie points with opposition Pakatan Rakyat's leaders, the very same people who had severely revile, defile and condemned him kow-kow (strongly) of police wrongdoings, fixing of evidence against Anwar Ibrahim's in his Sodomy I trail and his alleged association with underworld figures. He now claims massive interference from ministers and powerful politicians that undermined his authority.

Why did he not expose the meddlers when he was still the IGP? Why now?

There are numerous damaging articles written by RPK and other writers of this man that Pakatan leaders seemed to have conveniently forgotten and gave him space as battering ram against the BN government and the new IGP.

Musa Hassan is now trying to project his innocence and good cop image. He had never contemplated legal action against his accusers while in office but now decides to get even with his hot political potato. If one were to read between the lines, it's obvious he is angered because the Home Minister refused to extend his term as IGP, due to overwhelming public opposition. 

The police force was at the highest state of disrepute during his time. Should he also blame Hishamuddin for the "state of fear" felt by the people due to increase in criminal activities?

From one renegade to another, Malaysia is not short of ingrates and cocksuckers. 

Another ingrate, a man called Deepak, also the subject of many RPK's political blitz and slur (which he rightly deserved) reputedly to be close to Rosmah has made a 360 degree turn. Of intensity on the Richter's scale this man would qualify a magnitude of over 9 for extremity of lack of moral principle and stupidity. A whim who foresees the end of Najib and BN is trying to sell his soul to the other side. His platitudes and ingratitudes against the Prime Minister and his wife, who he reportedly had excellent relationship with before had turned sour, all for only one thing ......the root of all and never enough of it, lucre he couldn't get his hand on angered him and found it expedient to use the Prime Minister and his family as collateral damage.A scrouge who made it good by sucking up to people in high places.

You can only be cheated if you are too greedy or too stupid . It happen all the times to ass lickers and dream merchants who used politicians as shorter alternative route to wealth, but overlooked the risk element involved in such dealings.

When I brought up the issue in a casual conversation with friends of the decaying moral standard, the buying and selling of politicians and the hypocrisy of it all, a good doctor friend told me that it's fine associating with the devils if you think you can win the elections.

He may have a point there, which I believe has become the mindset of Malaysian society in general.

All said and done, I dare say Western politicians have higher moral standard and greater sense of shame than our matter which side they are on. 

Looking at the kind of garbage that Pakatan is collecting, will we get a clean government?

As the old adage goes "everyman for himself, the devil takes the hindmost" and I would add, never trust policemen, politicians and smooth talking ass-lickers .

Some quotes from Socrates:

"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser"

"Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people"

"No man undertakes a trade he has not learned, even the meanest; yet every one thinks himself sufficiently qualified for the hardest of all trades - that of government."

Malaysia welcomes the Gorgons!


Anonymous said...

Garbage that Pakatan is collecting ?

Haha, thats a bloody joke. Where did the garbage originate from in the first place?

So, they only get classified as grabage when they go over to Pakatan ?


Anonymous said...

You are right HL. Recently during the football match between M'sia and S'pore the chanting by M'sian calling visiting S'pore team 'anjing' was a shameful act. As what the Malay saying 'Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa' we seem to be at the bottom of all class whether in politic or in our social life.

Anonymous said...

If all that allegations are just due to bad ethics, so how come those who are victims of slander not sue them in court?

Looks more like rats fleeing a sinking ship and saving their own hides in the hope that by being a squealer, some of their pasts can be forgiven for collaborations?

That's Malaysian style.

abdooss said...

Too bad they are going to open the Pandora's box.. though you prefer to question, "Why now?", some of us prefer to sit back and enjoy the show! :)