Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Worked To Death:Malaysia's Shame

Hantu Laut

Can we call ourselves a civilised nation. 

The Al Jazeera report is not a figment of someone's imagination.  

I was in Myanmar last month. My group of 4 hired a van with a driver and a guide and visited many places in Myanmar.

Much to our surprise, our guide speaks Bahasa Melayu as well as English. Upon enquiring where he learned to speak Malay, he told us he worked in Malaysia for almost a year but eventually had no choice but to escape back to Myanmar due to brutal treatment by his employer, who subjected him to long working hours and harsh working conditions, did not pay his wages and held his passport.

He had become victim of human trafficking and had to endure abuses from his employer, low income and non payment of wages. Adding to his woes, harassment by the police and other enforcement agencies. 

He had to escape through the jungles of Malaysia and Thailand to avoid detection as he had no passport to travel through the normal channel. His Chinese employer refused to return his passport to him.

Two days ago the Immigration Dept made a swoop on an employment agency in KL and rescued 105 women migrant workers locked in two floors above the agency office and made to work without wages and proper living quarters.

Why is our government oblivious to this horrendous and shameful act that have put this country to shame?


Anonymous said...

It is not our government but OUR PEOPLE who were exploiting the matters & blamed the government. They are the shameful people who tarnish the other MALAYSIAN & MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT. Who are these people? Read carefully the lines in the article & you will find these group of people who are the culprits!

Anonymous said...

Bro HL,

We are looking at becoming a Developed Nation by 2020? As I've often said, we will be more of a Failed Nation by 2020!

Malaysians have no class, no conscience, no lots of things (you still see people throw tissue, Rambutan skins & God knows what else out of their car windows in KL). Just look at the state of our Public Toilets!

Now, do you think Malaysians (forget about the Government since most of the Government Enforcement Agencies are corrupted & our to make money for themselves only) give a hoot about Foreign workers? Just look at how Malaysians treat these people.And when you get people like Irene Fernendez trying to fight for the rights of these workers, we call her Traitor!
It isn't going to change (no matter who we have in PutraJaya!). It's a mind set & we have 4th World Mind Sets,

Anonymous said...

Only sleeping Enforcement Officer will not take bribery. Look at the lorries carrying sands to S'pore. They are becoming bigger and bigger from 20 footer to 40 footer now. These sands are used to reclaim land at northeast amd southeast of S'pore. Where are the Enforcement officers?? Are selling sands to S'pore legal?? Are Custom officers at JB checkpoint all blimd??Is MB not aware of this???

Anonymous said...

You guys are all talking about symptoms that is popping up everywhere.

Dont even know whats the real disease afflicting Malaysia.


We deserve the govt we vote! We deserve them FULLY 110%!!!