Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tony Pua's Stupidity, UMNO's "blessing in disguise"

Hantu Laut

Tony Pua is too smart for his own good.This video reflects DAP racist rancor and chauvinism, just drive more Malays to vote for UMNO. 

Tony Pua's enthusiasm is killing Pakatan's chance of taking over Putrajaya. UMNO should take this as "blessing in disguise".

No one in their right mind would believe that when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya there will be completely no corruptions, instead more people think it will only be changing from one group to another. 

Pakatan ruled states had not shown complete transparency and free of corruptions as they claimed.

DAP's recent party election is another bellwether, where none of the the Malay candidates made it to the fore. 

Alas! the party that talked so much and had participated in violent street protests about clean and fair elections has tinkered with its own ballot box to change the result, to slot in one Malay candidate who lost in the initial count, jumping from 39th to 20th spot that put the sole Malay in the CEC. A farcical comedy done after 19 days with computer blamed as the clown that put the glitch in the count.

This may sound paradoxical to the pro-opposition supporters,  but as Albert Einstein says "reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one". 

Sometimes, truths can emerge in the strangest of ways.


Y1 said...

No one expects complete transparency and total corruption free if PR wins but most are angry and sick to the teeth of 50 years of BN rule that has had impoverished Malaysia through the blatant corruption and leakages. Another 5 years Malaysia may go into deep fiscal distress.

I do not see racism in this video of parodies. If we cannot laugh, we can only cry.

Anonymous said...

"A FOOL and his ideas + a STUPID uncouth Sec Gen = DAP"
What la was Malaysian past mistakes to deserve those kind of wannabe leaders?

Anonymous said...

Y1 says, "50 years of BN rule that has had impoverished Malaysia"

wahhh are you so impoverished that you can afford to have a computer and internet connection??

please ENGAGE your brain before hitting the keyboard

Anonymous said...


your IQ level is typical of DAP supporters - no brains just dusty cobwebs and trashy garbage inside the upstairs cavity

Anonymous said...

CAT-can go into the drain now.Hypocrisy of the highest order.

Anonymous said...


Please remember that Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah is not a Malay. He was never a Malay from the start, is not one now and never will be one ever. His inclusion as an elected member of the DAP CEC cannot be seen as DAP bowing to the wishes of its Malay members.

I cannot understand why everyone seems to refer to him as a Malay!

eddy said...

The DAP CEC election results tells us that they are a bunch of Malay hating racists and the amended result 2 weeks later confirmed that they are racists who can't count properly either.

Anonymous said...

Wah hebat penyokong DAP, pijak gambar PM, langsung boleh jadi pelakon video klip musik.

Maknanya DAP memang suka orang yang kurang ajar ye?

Y1 said...

So Anonymous 1.05 is happy with state of affairs in Malaysia now when we could have been so much better than, if not similar to Australia given our resources and similar populations? (As we do not want to compare with the red dot south of Johore). If only there is better management, less blatant corruption (as indicated by the recent corruption index) instead. Now we are in the same category to Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam when we were so far ahead of them economically 50 years ago.

And anonymous 1.07 (same guy/gal?), is your IQ is so high that you have to trash someone with such low IQ as me and cannot debate the facts? You prefer to attack the person? Tsk tsk. Shame.

If Tun Mahathir can be a Malay (given his grandfather was 100% Indian and his Indian ancestry), anyone can be Malay as defined by the constitution (I remember that suggestion by an UMNO leader, when UMNO first came into Sabah to recruit members).

Just think about it. Brian engaged?