Monday, February 18, 2013

A Weaselling Aussie, A Dead Ringer Of Xenophobia

Hantu Laut

Even his name is a dead ringer of xenophobia. A person you would love to hate because he waddles in places he has no business at all. A nosey parker of sort fooled by the obsecration of the crafty and treacherous Anwar Ibrahim that his country electoral process is the dirtiest in the world. 

A power seeking bounder that will do anything, including running down his own country in order to usurp political powers without, due care and consideration, for the security and safety of the people and nation. 

He has organised street protests through proxies to destabilise an elected government. He promised an "Arab Spring" type uprising if his Pakatan Rakyat loses the general elections, which is very likely, if one is to judge by the desperate warp and woof of Pakatan leaders, running out of substance, recycling old garbage to run the last mile to the finishing line.

Walk in a dunce from Down Under who thinks he can help save this country and deliver it to his buddy Anwar Ibrahim. 

A stupid Aussie lawmaker who took Anwar's bait hook, line and sinker without ever contemplating how in hell Anwar and his 'coalition of willing' could have taken away 5 state governments and 82 MP seats from the ruling Barisan Nasional and subsequently won 8 out of 11 by-elections, if the electoral rolls are as dirty as he claimed them to be. 

If, anything, the BN must have cheated themselves to try lose a general elections. There were badly battered in the March 2008 General Elections.

I have written about this man once, but will not put more pen to paper on this weaselling Aussie, who wants to weasel his way into Anwar's arm at the expense of this nation.

No, we wouldn't let him has his ways, as a sovereign nation we have the right to throw him out. 

Good riddance, matey, you asked for it!

Here he is..... fed up with his own Foreign Minister Bob Carr for lack of support of his stupid mission.

On fact finding mission?  Liar! 

He came here to lend partisan support to his buddy.

Here,  is what one of his country men has to say of him. Read more  at Rocky's Bru.

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Purple Haze said...

How is it that you support the deportation of this Aussie politician but no comment on 100 armed invaders in Sabah ?

I mean, those fellows in Sabah don't seem to be leaving but at least this Aussie bloke respected the immigration officials and left Malaysia. And he came in unarmed, too !