Thursday, February 14, 2013

Doom And Gloom For Who ?

Hantu Laut

None are prepared to share the cake because they are just too greedy. A dog in the manger attitude, if I can't have it, you can't have. As they say "history repeating itself." The oppositions in Sabah falters.

They can't cooperate because every one of them have over estimated their political prowess and influence in the state.

Anwar selling the anti-corruption slogan as his platform for change  will not work as the people knew he and his retinue of frogs and grasshoppers are exemplification of the same, as sleazy as the ones they accused of corruptions and wrongdoings.

Their political campaigns are long on sleaze and short on substance. Most are confined to mud slinging and personal attacks and promises that even an idiot could tell they are not able to fulfill.

The biggest wrench in the works is PKR, arrogant, contemptuous and overweening ambition to be in Putrajaya yesterday, mistake they would soon learn to regret.

Anwar's every step in Sabah is the wrong one. He angered the Kadazans by accepting the 'HOGUAN SIOU' title from an over zealous bunch of sycophants. He also has a contemptuous habit of sidelining old faithful for newcomers.

Where are the faithful?

Whatever happened to Christina Liew, Ansari Abdullah, Thamrin and the rest of the old gang?  They seemed to have vanished from the limelight.  The newcomers have taken centre stage and would be made candidates in the 13th GE, to great dismay of many old members.

For those who sees the rug being pulled from under their feet have shown open hostility toward the newcomers and have become a point of contention that may trigger off more members, unhappy with the new arrangement, to leave the party, or sabotage the candidate come election day.

The only Pakatan coalition partner that is likely to win some seats in Sabah and Sarawak would be DAP. It may clinch 3-4 parliamentary seats in predominantly Chinese areas in Sabah, but not enough to upset the applecart to dislodge BN out of Putrajaya. 

The same story prevails in Sarawak where the party is expected to grab a number of seats in Chinese majority areas and PKR taking the crumbs, again not enough to sink BN.

BN winning the elections is subject to its performance in Peninsula Malaysia. If it can deliver the same number of seats as in the 12th GE, they can keep Putrajaya, anything less, they are finito!

Sabah and Sarawak will again be the kingmakers, but the danger of BN losing the government should not be ruled out, which may come from West Malaysia where split of the Malay votes could spell disaster for BN. 

The 13th GE will be the most divisive elections ever, one that would split the country right in the middle between Chinese and Malays. 

The Indians , though small in numbers, make the most noise are on the fringes. The side they cast their votes will be the winner.

It would be unmitigated disaster for the nation if both sides continue to pursue supports based on racial and religious affiliation. 

DAP, without any doubt, have mustered unequivocal Chinese supports, which will translate into big gains in the coming elections. DAP may get as many as 50 parliamentary seats if the current Chinese sentiment against the government remains unchanged. 

The Malays are divided but I believe will close ranks if threatened of losing political power.

After over half a century of Malay hegemonic control over politics and the nation's affairs, the Chinese finally saw the dawn of a new era brought about by the Anwar's factor, saw the grist to the mill of disunited Malays, an opportunity they would not want to miss to play greater role and have greater say in administering the nation. 

Some people say it is no more about Anwar.Ask DAP leaders if they believe in this theory?

Anwar is the glue that bond them together. Without Anwar they would have been history long ago. 

The only people who know this are DAP leaders, the very reason they dare not offend him and insist, whatever the results might be, Anwar will be prime minister. DAP leaders looked down on PAS leaders and consider them yokels.

Severe split of the Malay votes could put an end to Malay supremacy and reduces Malay leadership to lesser role if Pakatan win the 13th GE, which is not improbable if PAS collects less parliamentary seats than DAP and PKR.

However, rumours has it that there is a strong undercurrent  brewing within the Malay community in West Malaysia, particularly, PAS supporters becoming very disillusioned with PAS leaders courtship of DAP.

DAP constant reminder of the Allah issue had become unpalatable to many PAS members and supporters and their unhappiness further aggravated by DAP demanding PAS to reverse the Syura Council decision to disallow Christians from using "Allah" in their Malay language Bible. 

DAP have angered the bucolic Malays with its disrespectful meddling in religious issues to gain political mileage with the Chinese and non-Muslims at the expense of Islam and the Malays, which the Malays consider an attack on their faith.

The interminable personal attacks by non-Malay leaders against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and other Malay leaders in government had the reverse effect and angered many Malays. The Deepak debacle is working in Najib's favour. The more he talks the  more damaging it is to Pakatan and political gain for Najib.

PAS youths have fired the first salvo. They have threatened not to vote non-Muslim candidates from Pakatan. 

More surprises will come after dissolution of Parliament and call for elections.

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