Friday, February 8, 2013

Shaming The Shameless Doesn't Work Here

Hantu Laut

Anti-Sabahans and Sarawakians Facebook

Don't lose sleep over it. It's a political ploy, probably, set up by a Sabahan or Sarawakian working in tendam with local political party to rile up Sabahans and Sarawakians to vote against Malayan based parties.

If I have a choice I would prefer local party, but we live in unfortunate times, there is no credible one around. Those around are led by leaders, beyond any doubt, as crooked and as dangerous as the slithering snake. 

The last one we had screwed up the state good and proper selling states assets like no tomorrow. The assets stripping went through the entire spectrum from sponge iron plant, methanol, pulp and paper mill to 5 star hotel and many more, not forgetting vast stretch of agricultural land. 

This most unfortunate episode in Sabah history had deprived ordinary Sabahans of land ownership, the initiative of former Chief Minister Harris Salleh, who had the dream and ambition of giving land to every rural Sabahan. It went out the window when PBS took over the administration.

They threw out a capable man for someone who could hardly run a junkyard, hence the assets stripping, as the business was too complicated for them to understand and manage.

Will Sabahans make the same mistake again, ruled by the heart, not the head and let history repeat itself.

In the old days one can drive from Kota Kinablu to Tawau, on terribly bad roads, but still enjoy endless stretch of Mother Nature, virgin jungles on both sides of the road that exude innate and everlasting freshness of unsullied forests. 

Today, the whole stretch from Telupid to Tawau are sullied with oil palm and 70% of the land are owned by Peninsula based companies. Some of the lands were still under NT titles, leased for 99 years from the owners, a felony legislated by the then PBS government, which were later repelled by the BN government and limited to a maximum of 30 years.

Not that I am against progress, but there must be a balance between Mother Nature and economic development.

There is nothing wrong in giving land to foreign companies for economic development if it is done properly and with maximum benefit going to the state, not to politicians, who got it dirt cheap through corrupt means and sold them for quick profit.

Today, these same leaders who have sold NCR lands to outsiders are stirring up trouble on the NCR land issue, again to serve their own selfish agenda.

See who is joining Anwar's PKR, the same corrupt leaders, some of whom had been through USNO, Berjaya, PBS and UMNO and now seeking new pasture under Pakatan Rakyat. These leaders do not know how to make money other than through politics.

How could Anwar claims his fight is against a corrupt regime when he goes round collecting the same garbage that have, either been discarded, or found that their tickets to ride the gravy train of the current regime had expired.

The same "dogs of war" who suddenly found the high moral ground as if they have not been patrons, sponsors and recipients of corruptions in their previous undertakings. They forgot that the rakyat knew of their past. Fitful memory had given them selective amnesia.

Pecuniary reward had become so anabolic to them, the vicious circle will continue its round.


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