Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mr Anwar Ibrahim And Mr Arsonist

Hantu Laut

This man wants to torch the Lynas plant to suit the Pakatan Rakyat agenda. A would be arsonist.

Did Anwar Ibrahim condemn him? If he has, I must have missed it.

Malaysia has the most disgusting political oppositions on the face of this planet having multitude of standards to suit their political agenda, including breaking the law of the country, trashing the Constitution and pseudo moral and liberal platitudes to cheat the people. 

They wag the dog to hide the bigger picture of their incompatibility, which is slowly rising out of their receptacle of lies, they perjure the truth and fabricate hellish lies against leaders of the government.

When Ibrahim Ali threatened to burn the Malay language Bible, which I have always look upon as his political grandstanding and eventually proven to be true, they wanted his blood, his head, his dick and possibly his balls, but when this man openly threatened to burn down the Lynas plant, a huge foreign investment that could trigger off world wide repercussion on the country's foreign investment,  they make no condemnation of him, instead, cajoling him to carry out his anti-Lynas campaign. Read more here.

He says he supports Pakatan Rakyat because Anwar Ibrahim had promised to close down the plant if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.

Like Anwar he is another bullshitter, full of tripe. 

Many Malaysians fall prey to this kind of cheap talk as they are too gullible to comprehend the nitty-gritty world of business and commerce and understanding the law.

Anwar makes it sounds so easy to shut down such huge foreign investment without the government having to pay billion of ringgits in compensation. Does he care if the country gets a huge bill for compensation, rated an investment hazard and given a wide berth by foreign investors. 

No man is an island and this country can't stand alone in this borderless world. 

Like pack of hungry wolves the next decade will see countries in this region jockeying to ride the economic wave for survival against China's political and economic manipulations in the region. In the next decade, China will play a dominant role in the region and the environs.

Anwar, if elected into office, will be the straw that finally broke the camel's back. With all the promises he made to the people this country can belly up in no time. 

He promises 20% oil royalty to Sabah and other oil producing states, abolish road tolls, increase fuel and other subsidies, provide free education up to tertiary level and God knows what other multitude of promises that will eventually bankrupt this country and impoverish the people. 

Where is he going to get the money to finance the huge budget  and series of legal suits and compensations against the government should he proceeds with his threat of abolishing road tolls and shutting down Lynas and other foreign investments deemed dirty?

Is he going to nationalise without compensation?

His populist policy, which many level headed Malaysians knew is hard to implement is stringing the carrot to hoodwink Malaysians for their votes. 

A former finance minister who likes to blow his whistle of his past achievements that were non existence, a man who almost sold out the country to IMF and the World Bank, which have been known to enslave poorer nations with costly debts. Indebtedness some countries found hard to service due to stringent conditions and high costs of funding imposed on countries considered high sovereign risk.

This debt trap have made poorer countries even poorer because they have to allocate enormous portions of their national incomes toward paying interest. This sick logic of capitalism contrive the flow of money from poor nations to rich nations in the West. 

How is Anwar going to finance all his promises that will give birth to a huge national budget, which I expect to ballon to one and a half times the current budget?

Can the man that many Malaysians wanted so much to lead this country because of overt sympathy for him, his wife, his daughter and his family be trusted to administer the nation. All were elected riding on the wave of sympathy.

Taken in by false pretenses and false promises, can Malaysians see the possible pitfall the country is threatened with when the coffers are empty and foreign investors scurrying away like rats from a sinking ship? 

Anwar, by then will be in is usual antics, instead of finding solutions, will find excuses blaming the previous administration for all his woes.

If Anwar were to tell those pathetic Malaysians, who believe what they hear, what they read, what they can't see without apprehension, that tomorrow the sun will not rise because of realignment of the planets, they would believe his lie, as he has the ability to metachrosis to suit the situation and the surrounding.


Anonymous said...

Anwar once threatened to shut down the casino in Genting Highlands when campaigning for the Umno Youthe chief's post. After he won, Lim Goh Tong became friend and financier of some of his pet projects.

Genting Highlands now stand tall and the casino has prospered. Sixteen years in government and then finance minister with all the power in his hands, yet he did nothing about the casino.

That's how much weight one can give to his destructive threats. He wants to burn the country down so that he can become prime minster: let's call his bluff!

Anonymous said...

The famous bluff of all time....16 September unless Kita Mudah Lupa.

Anonymous said...

why r u so against for change in government

Gram Kong said...


What change? You are going to vote for the same type of corrupt monkeys.

See who joined Anwar's PKR in Sabah., the same corrupt politicians who is looking for fresh pasture to fill their insatiable greed for more filthy lucre.

Libang Libu said...

this present govt is an illegal govt, courtesy of monkeys of various nationality in your state.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the ISA. These guys need to be brought to their senses.

Verlene said...

This is cool!