Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Thanks To Najib Mooed Anwar

Hantu Laut

When they clashed with police, it is Najib's doing, when the police allowed them to assemble as they wish, no thanks to Najib.

This swagger called Anwar Ibrahim find it hard to say thank you to anyone and in this case the person who actually has the last say, the Prime Minister. 

This is Anwar brand of politics, mired in self-glorification and self-aggrandising. A bitter man with one goal in mind, to be prime minister no matter what it takes and to punish those who did  wrongs to him.

Of course he thinks the whole police force are made up of morons. He thinks he can apply reverse psychology on them, after running them down like mange dogs to generate public hatred against the police force. Of course, there will be some supporters, particularly, those who think they deserved promotion but were not promoted.

Read here Anwar Ibrahim's ambition of capturing Sabah and Sarawak. 

Where he gets his information about the growing support of the indigenous people for PKR in Sabah and Sarawak, I don't know. I have just returned from some kampongs in the Tuaran and Kota Belud district. All I saw was PBS and BN flags.

I say he should not swagger too much as he may miss the flight of steps in the kampong house, fall and break his neck again.

Of course lying is his usual habit just like the baits he used to fish for votes that could bankrupt this country. Those who can't count will believe him.

As the old adage "pride goes before a fall" and  "you must not count your chickens before they are hatched."

Inikali lah! 


Anonymous said...

India 2 days labour strike turns violent. In view of this M'sian police has done a good job to counter Anwar masterminds demonstrations which disregard public interests.

Anonymous said...

Sabah and Sarawak looks likely to switch camps after election.

Dahlh bodoh, bangang pulak.