Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flip-Flop Security: As Sabahan I Have Right To Be Angry

Hantu Laut

As a Sabahan I have the right to get angry and question whether these people are fit to be heads of our security forces.

The flip-flopping is unbelievable and becoming a huge embarrassment to the country and posed greatest danger to Sabahans.

Can we trust them to look after our safety? 

Are they fit to run the show after seeing how uncoordinated and confounded they are. 

If they can't coordinate their intelligence ground work, how are they going to coordinate fighting the enemies on the ground when they don't know where they are. 

Two days ago, the Sabah Commissioner of Police said here that Agbimmudin Kiram, the leader of the band of terrorists is still in Sabah.

Yesterday, the Chief of Armed Forces and the IGP made a joint statement here that Agbimmudin has fled Sabah, leaving his men behind.

Today, again the Sabah police chief stressed his so-called evidence here that the leader of the band of Suluk bandits is still in Sabah.

I think he is dead!, or just consider him dead. What difference does it make whether he fled, dead, or alive. He has no more communication with the Chief Extortionist, The Royal Highness Sultan of Sulu, so, very likely, he is dead.

Shouldn't we Sabahans be angry with this kind of ineptitude?

Read here what former OCPD of Lahad Datu said of the attitude of his superiors in KL when it comes to Sabah security, an unforgivable malfeasance act by irresponsible heads.


Anonymous said...

If you are observance enough you can see the body language of the army chief constantly moving his body front and back while giving updates to reporter. This is considered very indiscipline when you are in uniform group.He can only give lousy results despite his arrogances appearance.

Purple Haze said...


I have to agree with you here.

I was equally bemused by those statements. I think it boils down to lack of clarity whether this is a civil or military matter.

Anonymous said...

Hamidi, can you give a slap on him and ask him to sit still. What sort of General he is? He could not even present himself good etiquette of public manners. Please remind him that he is not a cowboy.

Anonymous said...

komen banyak2 buat apa.pergilah perang sama sama yang lain.

Purple Haze said...

It is now revealed that Agbimuddin Kiram was an Asst District Officer in Kudat.

As a Sabahan, you should be very angry !!!