Saturday, March 23, 2013

Malaysia's Goebbels,

Hantu Laut

Man identified as ‘Papa Gomo’ disputes claim. Read more.

Not so smart Rafizi. If you have been clever enough you would have deemed it was a case of two men bearing the same name. That's why there were two different I/C numbers and two different addresses. If you have just used a little common sense you wouldn't have put yourself in such embarrassing position.

Not the first time you been caught with an over-excited brain. 

Remember your trip to Hong Kong where you claimed  the ICAC is going to reopen the Musa Aman's corruption case. Whatever happened to the case? 

Did the ICAC reopen the case?

Till today there was no confirmation from the ICAC of them showing interest to reopen the case.

Lately, you went on a wild goose chase to Manila on the case of the swindler distantly related to the Amans where you tried to relate the fraud to the Aman brothers.

All came to naught! 

A dismal and wasteful journey wasting your party's time and money. 

As Joseph Goebbels said " If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth", or "if you throw enough shit, some will stick"

Next time, don't get too overly excited, you have good credentials, don't spoil it for Anwar Ibrahim.


Raj said...


Please enlighten me as to what "good credentials" (sic) does this Rafizi chap have as I am "in the dark" on the background of this gentleman.

Anonymous said...

He is trying too hard to protect his boss!

Purple Haze said...

Sorry to disappoint, HL but there are not 2 men of the same name as the Election Commission has quietly deleted the man with the Police IC from its rolls.

That seems to vindicate Rsfizi.

Perhaps this is a one-off case of dual registration in the EC rolls but this is now a verified case that the EC has reluctantly (or stealthily) acted upon. The question is whether there are more and are the EC's preventive measures to block phantom voters going to be effective?

Anonymous said...

Two of my friends ever rejected by bank for housing loan because their names were in the list of bankruptcy persons in Malaysia. Further search by their lawyers found it was another person with same name which quite common to Malays. PH not all men with mustache can be confirmed as your uncle.

SM said...


As the PM keeps postponing the GE, the more we are shown proof of the EC's dubious stunts!

Purple haze,

I don't think it's a one of case. Even the EC's Chairman (who should have been sacked long ago!) admitted!

X said...

Sorry to disappoint, PUrple Haze, but how do you know for certain that the deletion was because the two men are one and the same? It could be that the other person had died recently.

The fact remains, Rafizi presented "proof" that clearly and unambiguously showed:

Two names, with two different spellings, two different addresses, and - more tellingly - two different BIRTH DATES.

Purple Haze said...


You are right. I don't know whether the person is one and the same.

What I do know is that despite the EC's exhortations in the past that it just cannot simply admit or delete any name in the electoral rolls, we now have a case where the EC just deleted a name on the electoral roll on its own accord within less than 24 hrs of some allegation by a citizen of Malaysia.

X, as a Malaysian rakyat (whether you support BN or PR or nobody at all), we should be very alarmed by this arbitrary action of the EC.

Does this deletion mean that the EC knew that the said person (whether it is one man or two) had dual registration also known as a "phantom voter" ?

If, as you mentioned in your post that the said person is a valid entry in the electoral rolls, based on two names, with two different spellings, two different addresses, and two different birth dates, then why was the entry deleted ? Did they have any authorisation or verification from the person who was deleted ?

And if that person was known to be ineligible to be on the electoral rolls, why didn't they purge it out earlier ?

Institutions such as the EC have to be apolitical and seen to be such. Their apathy in dealing with some of the issues that have arisen do not give them much credence.