Friday, March 15, 2013

Rais, Your Cabbies Are Crooks And Scumbags

Hantu Laut

I just returned from Taiwan a week ago and was amazed how fast the country had developed since my last visit there some 30 years ago.

What really impressed me is the cleanliness, functionality and efficiency of the towns and cities, the efficient public transport system and the helpfulness of the Taiwanese people. The country is now as clean and as efficient as Japan was. Everything is spic and span, no touts, no hustlers, no prostitutes and transvestites hanging around street corners and taxis are everywhere. 

In the seventies Taiwan was behind Malaysia and Taipei was one of the fleshpot capitals of the world.Today, the GDP per capita is $38,500.00 and the role has reversed, Kuala Lumpur is becoming the fleshpot of Asia joining the likes of Bangkok and Manila.

If you are a visitor to KL try take an early morning jog along Jalan Bukit Bintang, you be surprised at the array of services available even at  6.30 in the morning. You'll be propositioned by pimps, transvestites, prostitutes and purveyors of massage services of all kind. Not that there is anything wrong with that but its shows we are caught in an economic glum and middle income trap.

The one week I was in Taiwan no taxi driver have tried to cheat or take me for a joy ride to pump up the meter as in my own capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

For all said and done, would I go back to Taiwan? No. it's a country with very little history, except for its National Museum, there were nothing much to see and money and modern technology  has scarred its landscape with miles and miles of elevated highways.

Malaysia is still a beautiful country and among all the states, Sabah is the prettiest of them all.

Here, our Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Rais Yatim is talking through his ass saying our cabbies are our nation's social envoys.He said it was necessary to educate some of out taxi drivers and owners to enable them to have good opinion of things.

Well! Mr Yatim I have many bad things to tell you about your cabbies and certainly have no good opinion of these scumbags.

The trouble with our minister, they talked a lot and do very little to make changes. As far as I am concerned the whole taxi fraternity in this country should be overhauled and revamped and every taxi driver must go to a special school to educate them on the correct social etiquette. They must also have firm knowledge of the geography of the city they work in. At the end of the course they should sit for a written and oral examination to test their aptitude. Only those who passed should be issued with a permit to drive a taxi.

The KL taxi drivers are one of the worst in the world, no lack of deplorable disposition, crooked, crude,  and rude,  giving this country a bad name. 

Just a few days ago an American tourist was robbed and raped by a taxi driver . There have been a number of lady passengers raped by KL taxi drivers and till today the government have not done anything to clamp down on this kind of menace to the public by taxi drivers some of whom are drug addicts and sex fiends.

Here, another nut-case, Chairman of SPAD Syed Hamid Albar urged the public to ensure the taxis they boarded exhibited the driver's name card on the dashboard.

These kind of leaders travelled all over the world but keep their eyes shut. 

In most civilised countries the driver's photo, permit number and other details is prominently displayed behind the backrest of the front seat that allows passenger a close and clear view of the tag.

In Malaysia where donkeys are given the job, a small tag is placed on the dashboard which surely makes it hard for the passenger to make out. Most passengers sit at the back.

To Rais Yatim I must say I have had many bad experiences with KL taxi drivers and most if not all are crooks and scumbags much to be loathed.

Kuala Lumpur is becoming crime capital of the world and run by a mayor and a police chief who take no pride in making their city a clean and safe place for visitors. 

Rais and Hamid Albar, don't just talked, do something concrete to change your fucked up cabbies into humans.

Read below what shame they bring to this country.

Tourist, cabbie in bloody brawl over high fare


Anonymous said...

i'm 59. never stayed outside kl. take taxi a lot. never been raped, mugged or cheated by any taxi driver.

a few black sheep and you go mad.

Gram Kong said...

Anonymous 10.15,

Either, you are one big liar or just plain stupid, like our ministers, you keep your eyes wide shut.