Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reducing Oil Prices: Anwar On The Stump, Stumping The Idiots.

Hantu Laut

Anwar is again trying to fool the people, again, and again, and again, and stumping the idiots who failed their mathematics. Orang yang tak pandai kira seperti Anwar.  

How much lower can he reduces fuel prices? 

Malaysia is already one of the lowest in the world and the lowest in the region. We are almost at par with the giants of oil producing countries.

I don't have to say in so many words.See charts below.

a href='http://www.mytravelcost.com/petrol-prices/'>

Choose your government wisely. There are more liars and racists in Pakatan than you ever realised.

Can they run a clean government? 

After collecting all the rubbish from UMNO, more rubbish in the offing. 

See who is their latest recruit!

"Mat Tyson", the ex-mentari besar of Selangor, who was caught in Australia with huge amount of unexplained money in his bag.

Macam mana kerajaan boleh bersih kalau boleh terima pencuri-pencuri tua dari UMNO.


(Unable to blog while in Beijing as many websites including blogs, Facebook and other social network sites are blocked in China)


Anonymous said...

Bodoh punya hantu, org semua suka minyak turun lu sorang sibuk nak bandingkan harga minyak negara lain lepas tu cakap mcm org terencat akal minyak kita dah murah, apa punya goblok manusia lu ni.

Baguslah org umogok yg dah sedar dan tobat join PR, memang dialu2kan. Yg perangai setan mcm zul bisul memang sesuai pun masuk BN dan jilat Bontot Najib.

Insyaallah Allah akan memenangkan PR berkat doa seluruh rakyat yg telah dizalimi oleh BN, kerana doa org yg dizalimi amat makbul. Aminnnn

Purple Haze said...

Whether it is BN or PR forming teh next govt, Malaysia will continue to be an oil producing country for the next 10-12 years.

LNG will last about 70 yrs, if I recall.

The question is whether the rakyat will benefit and this goes back to good governance, management and trnasparency. Petronas accounts are still not reported to the public.

Should there not be accountability and transparency of the nation's most valuable resource ?

SM said...


Why don't you also put the different Countries Car Price Lists in your article.

Liars & Racists in Pakatan?

Well, maybe you can explain how Najib can choose a candidate like Zul Nordin (PERKASA Vice President) to compete in Shah Alam. Zul (if you are really that ignorant) has called the Indians in Malaysia "Keling". Has insulted the Hindus. Has called the Chinese & Indians Pendatang Haram. So it's finally out that PERKASA was & is the mouth piece of UMNO!

1-Malaysia? Well...who's the Liar & who's the Racist now?!
As Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". We have chosen BN time & time again for more than 50yrs...they have not changed....they never will.

Yes, choose wisely!

buzzy said...

memang minyak tu dah murah. ko nak percuma ke?

ko ingat korek minyak dengan cangkul.

and this purple haze- ure 100% typical chinese dap people. tranparency myass. look at dap cec. is that enuff.

pakartoon cuma berminat dgn duit petronas. itu je.

and dap mmg racist. majority of malays hate them. thats the fact. even the pas people. we know what ur intentions. the Chinese can vote for them, but there will be a consequence later

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze - Petronas's accounts are publicly available and have been for many years. They are on the company's website. Please use the link below.


Anonymous said...

Don't look far. Indonesia is an oil producing country with low fuel price but a net importer of oil. As a professional working in oil and gas industries I see some oil producing countries which fuel price is kept low but development of the country is also very low and slow. People who are greedy will not compare all this and easily fooled by only short term benefit. These idiots can request to Petronas to remove all the choke valves of all oil wells in this country which regulate and control the output of oil production without considering the needs of future generation. So choose wisely if you are not idiot.

Anonymous said...

Norway is the world's largest oil producer outside middle east. With population of only 5 million they can afford to keep their fuel price low. But what made them set such a high price for fuel in their kingdom? Need a rational thinking for answer which idiot could not able to think.

Purple Haze said...

Thank you for the link, anonymous April 16 8.42 pm.

The last time I searched was quite a number of years back and they didn't have it on their website.

Anonymous said...

It has been always about the oil..and religon
.. errmm campaigning for PRU do requires alot of funding. For UMNO, we know it all came from the so called rasuah/duit rakyat here n there.. wondering from where Anwar getting his funds eh?

Anonymous said...

Dear SM,

On another comment on this blog you said that people can think for themselves and will "know the truth" and now you're calling them insane.

Oh, you're classy.

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze, do you not know how financial statements work? It takes a while to publish, so yes probably 2012's wont be up just yet. Also it's strategically prudent for an oil company not to release its accounts too early given how much competition they face abroad.

Anonymous said...

This is why Pakatan's Manifesto really appeal to most Malaysian, cause most of you are stupid. Why Malaysian oil price is one of the lowest? because the dammn subsidy Government put on oil, 14 billion annually.

Kalau nak sokong boleh tapi pakai akal la jangan membabi buta ikut bontot. Nak minyak murah macam maner? stop all oil export and only sell our oil to Malaysian??

Nak ikut Vanezuela? pegi check berape % inflasi Vanezuela 20%, Iran (pasal dier takleh jual minyak dier kat luar negara)memang minyak derang murah tapi inflasi 35%,Malaysia ni baru 1.9% inflation korang dah bising. takder duit nak import makanan ko nak makan aper? minyak petrol? pegi la study dulu economy, jangan men ikut bontot jer. Guna akal.

Anonymous said...

The more you reduce the price the business person won't do business in Malaysia because very little profit they can gain. What about international company who deal with oil price especially Rockefeller and Rothschild do you think they will allow you do so? Later, you see what happen to Iraq, Libya and other countries in South Africa being attacked by America to gain their rich oil reserves.