Monday, May 20, 2013

Boycott The Chinese Are You Mad Or Stupid ?

Hantu Laut

About 20 Muslim/Malay NGOs have called for boycott of products made by Malaysian Chinese companies. 

I am not sure whether these people understand the ramifications of such foolish undertaking. If they do, than they need their heads examine for cracks in the skull.

Don't they realise that over 90% of retail businesses are in the hands of the Chinese and they have complete control over supply of goods and services in the country. You really do not have much choice, you either buy from them, or starve to dead.

Hypothetically, if the Chinese closed all their shops for a week, the Malays would starve, as there are not enough Malay vendors in the distribution network and scale of supply that the Chinese have. 

From toothpick, daily necessities to the heaviest machinery, you sure can't go without the Chinese connection along the supply chain.

They are the economic engines of this country and the sooner the Malays/Bumiputras accept this the better this country would be.

What they should do is try to be like the Chinese. Learn from their fortitude, diligent and resilience. 

Well, I am not going to write a lengthy article on this subject as I am sure majority of my fellow Malaysians would agree it is mission impossible.

The Chinese are not the least bit worried, they knew they have the upper hand.

Live and let live.

Let's find a better solution to our political differences. 


SM said...


I may agree with you....but then I'm considered as a stupid Pakatan supporter.

Let's see what your other readers say...!

Junah said...

Best of luck in trying to be logical with these NGOs. I tried but got called a few 'f' words so I decided that I have done my duty - I will go on buying from the seller that gives me the best price and quality of goods i.e. value for money. The thing they just don't get is that Malays and Bumis do work for these Chines businesses and usually form the bulk of the working lot there (i.e. not the yada, yada management people) and when these companies start retrenching these poorer Malays/Bumis will be without jobs. You know what they said "we don't care".

Don't know if you are aware but if you look at the Unspinners blog - you will notice that they are calling for boycott of companies like Nestle now. - Just stupid.

Anonymous said...

That's a myth.They have closed their shops for more than a week , sorry, we did fine - reason being, we have always bought from melayu only. Stop spreading half-truths. where were you all this while? Apa lu cakap, its like we havent exhausted all the other means. Balik2 menakutkan puak sendiri jer. Inilah chan Melayu nak memperbaiki diri. Belajar mana silap etc. golden opportunity. Mana semangat positif kamu ye??

John Jelatek said...

It doesn't matter what you think. Starve or not, if Malay / Muslims want to boycott, they'll boycott.

If they wan't to live on rice and pekasam, tempoyak and some vegetables for this whole 5 years, that's THEIR CHOICE!

No need to panic or be so low to suggest that the Malays can't survive without the cina.

If you want to continue to buy from the cina, then go ahead, nobody's going to stop you. But please don't paint the picture that this country is soooooooo dependant on the cina apek tongsan that it will collapse the minute the cina apek all close shop for one week. Please.

I'm not angry with you just disappointed.

Abe Mat Yie said...

You're really funny.

Tell me of one country or community which has starved in history due to some shopkeeper or dealer or supplier or whatever closing shop.

This kind of loser mentality is what holding us back from being aggressive and bold.

"Yikes! They're gonna close shop! Better kowtow maaa! If not, die maaa!"

What's worng with you?

Anonymous said...

no other solution except to kill chinese business

Malays can then take up the supply chain - we can learn

but first is to kill the chines businesses

they get pig-headed when they are rich, when they are poor they will turn nyonya and baba and makan sirih

Anonymous said...

SM yes you are a stupid pakatan fella since you support a racist dap and the king of corruption the buttman

Anonymous said...

cinapek macam api kecil kecil menguntungkan

dah besar makan orang

Anonymous said...

The Malay prove that they can govern the country without the chinese votes. Now this is the time for them to prove that they will not starve if they choose not to buy frm chinese.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... where is it going to end or to draw the line between what is Chinese or not and what is Malay or not?


Anonymous said...

tutup je laaa.....

Anonymous said...

Won't work but better try ...

No more STAR if I can help it ... setakat ni tak mati lagi ... in fact, happy, tak sakit hati dengan dakyah cina kurang ajar ...

Boleh start dengan boikot Wong Chun Wai STAR and Azran AIRASIA .... sikit2 lama - lama jadi bukit :))

NST and Firefly (best kept secret ni -selesa) is a very good alternative.

Anonymous said...

hantu laut, i think you are the stupid one. they are willing to try, jadi tak jadi tu nombor dua. even trying pon dah kena bodoh dengan lu, menunjukkan kan lu lagi bodoh lah. kaum cina selalu boikot barang melayu, diam-diam. takkan la kita nak try pon tak boleh. lagipon ini zaman internet la. you can bypass the wholesaler. mangkuk lah lu.

Anonymous said...


Despite the seemingly ridiculous call by the NGOs, they have the right to call for the boycott. If it is like anjing menyalak bukit then no harm shall befall the chinese retailers. What I'm worried about is the young malays who are maybe a bit emotional such as the young chinese voters who swallow hook line and sinker all of the DAP propaganda during PRU13.


Anonymous said...

As long as Malays and Orang Asli own their land, they will NEVER go hungry.

Ooooh ... only the "upgraded and elite" Malays who depend on western imports will go hungry

SM said...


There you have your answer!
I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

Tutup apa2 akaun di bank2 cina.Buka akaun di bank2 milik kerajaan/Melayu/Bumiputera...!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never flown Air Asia
I've stopped buying Ther Star
I've never bought Nissan or datsun from Tan Chong
I've never bough Honda from kah Motor
I've never bought medicine from sinseh
I've never been to karaoke or massage parlour

I'm still alive, in fact much healthier than many of pakatan supporters or liberal malays.

So, who are you trying to kid?

Anonymous said...

who are boycotting the chinese?
the group says boycott the DAP chinese businesses
see the difference?

Anonymous said...

"Boycott The Chinese, Are You Mad Or Stupid ? "

We're actually very smart. We've been patient and kind for much too long, too, until they have taken us for fools.Once and for all, we'd like to show the DAP Chinese what we're capable of doing apart from running amok.

Anonymous said...

Stop using the word boycott.
What NGOs should do is to encourage the buying of malay products instead so Malays can increase their economy.
turn this into something postive for the Malays and bumiputeras.

Anonymous said...

start with ourselves.. i start small by buying at malay grocery..malay hardware near by even the price a little bit high by few cent..

Anonymous said...

BCL.... encourage other to buy from near by makcik pakcik shop

Ramayana said...

10 years ago your argument that if Chinese closed shop for a week everyone might just starve, may have been true. But a decade later, why worry when we have hypermarkets and online webstores all over the place?

This is what I do: browse in Chinese owned stores, try the sizes, pick the colours... and then go buy online. It's the same process that has brought hundreds of British high street stores to shut down.

So what if the rural Malays are not able to boycott totally Chinese shops. They still can, as there are many mamak shops around in rural areas. But the bulk of the buying power lies with urban Malays. And not all urban Malays voted PR. I didn't. Neither did my circle of friends.

Besides, if you're confident in your prediction that the BCL campaign is doomed, why worry? Unless of course, you have seen what a smattering of Malay anti-Zionist shunning of Mc'D has wrought. Already I see high stacks of unsold The Star these days.

Anonymous said...

a lot of noise from them saying they dont give a f. however if this continues and with govt backing for alternative malay owned business to compete directly, they will feel the pinch, it doesnt matter if they care or not, we will do our part

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should reexamine your role in life.

They say..You are Who You Associate with and Most Certainly your expression indicates that you are Associating with the Wrong Crowd!

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

No matter what, boycot is boycot.

The opposition had been inciting the chinese and condemning the Malays before elections, so, to everu action, there is reaction.

Stupid to boycott...yes. But who cares! No real result to BCL. Who cares!

Live and still live, man!


Anonymous said...

Are You Mad Or Stupid?

Naah the chinese are mad AND stupid for taking the Malays for granted for too long

if a packet of food has a highly suspicious HALAL logo, report and have the producers and retailers FINED big time

they have been doing that too long

also the "no pork no lard" attest to the chinese marketing to the Malay Muslims

Anonymous said...

I am exercising my right to choose which newspaper I read, what transport company I prefer, which shop I patronize. You see, it is all about choices and for some of us, it is BCL and ABCD. Of course it will just be a drop of water in the ocean but why are the Chinese associations and some so called economist sound alarmed? We still buy cornflakes from Nestle or Kellogs and we buy it from th hypermarket which offer the best deal, preferably non-chinese owned. Wes till buy rice, BERAS FAIZA. We still buy cooking oil, SAJI from FELDA...that has been our normal lifestyle only now we are more conscious. You see the Chinese are a cry baby. They hit us big time and when we touch them with a piece of cotton candy they already screamed of national disaster. Let them buy the million ringgit condo and the Chinese developers still make money. Let them gamble in Genting, and the Chinese still make money.So dear Hantu Laut Sir, we are again, making choices. This time choices made for our survival of the Malay/Muslim/Bumiputra. The Chinese are an economic animal, as you may be informed. If businesses here fail, they can always go to China, Australia etc etc. Robert Kuok has an extensive biz empire in China and Berjaya is building a massive mall in China....

You have your views and we, visitors to you blogs, appreciate your generosity to allow us to pen our thoughts and feelings.

And we are making a conscious effort to Buy Chinese Last and Asal Bukan China DAP.....tak kan itu pun salah kot???

Purple Haze said...

It is not a question of who has the upper or lower hand.

If the boycott is actually realised, it may trigger off a negative multiplier effect within the Malaysian economy and that will not be to the benefit of all.

Due to the alignment of business and politics, it is also a fact that the distribution channels of certain commodities like rice and sugar are already in the hands of bumiputera cronies. For students of economics, there are segments of the economy which are a monopoly for these cronies and these may eventually pose a greater threat to Malaysians than the Chinese businesses.

To the erstwhile SM, your case fulfilled itself spectacularly.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

HL, most of the time I agreed with you but not this time.

Muslimin, we have to be a cronies to achieve in business as what chinese are cronies among themselve. We should find ways of doing parallel import business to break their control of wholesale business.
We must buy among ourselves first and buy from chinese second if not last. The muslim in profitable business is required to pay zakat , lets participate to our kewajipan.

Malay businessmen need to learn from chinese businessmen. Don't stop here, the malay consumers must learn from chinese consumer too.

Ramayana said...

"If the boycott is actually realised, it may trigger off a negative multiplier effect within the Malaysian economy and that will not be to the benefit of all."

The boycott is not to stop buying ALL local products. It's to stop buying from CINA shops. Sekarang boleh faham?

Money is still going to be spent, at the amount it was going to be spent. The only difference is some of it is not going to Cina shops. So no need to worry about the national economy lah. The nation is safe. Can't say the same for Cina shops, though.

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze

Are you delusional??

The foreign investors are UMNO/BN friendly and yet the DAP are willing to destroy the economic progress by instigating ALL chinese to vote along racial lines.

Even teenage students in singapore are AWARE that the chinese newspapers had been commanding all chinese to vote DAP based on intelligence reports by internal and external agencies.

Isn't this a sabotage and traitorous against Malaysia and Malaysians.

You are the typical HYPOCRITE. The Malays are truly enraged.

Anonymous said...

Chinese are parasites in every countries of the world. We dont need you here, just get lost from this country, solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

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jang lumak said...

Tanpa cina Dap Bumi boleh hidup la bodohhh... U wanna close shop for 1 week ???? Well pleasssseee make it FOREVER.....

Anonymous said...

In my school, there's some world most stupid and poor Chinese too, lol.

Anonymous said...

Im not umno supporter but I am boycotting chinese products.a woman in mid 30's earning myr30k mthly, I live on malay mamak bumi 95% of time. Been living on minyak saji gardenia halajel a very good n trustworthy malay mechanic in klang. Tho some boycott tesco I wud rather go there than giant or 99. Mydin in my latest choice to get diapers. Now I need malay list of organic produced or imports. I will buy from westerners not from chinese malaysian. Been cheated for too long.