Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cry Baby !

Hantu Laut

I am pretty sure Obama has been briefed by his diplomatic mission and intelligence services on the results of the 13th Malaysian General Election.

The U.S President is fully aware of the working of our parlimentary system and with the exception of free access to the media raised by the White House, the President have not raised any triable issue.

Anwar is now implying that the U.S State Department of gross incompetence by not telling the President according to his perception of what occurred during the 13th GE that they have won the popular votes yet could not form the government because of massive cheating by BN to retain the government. 

Below is an example of the same parliamentary system used in the U.K. 

The 2005 U.K.Elections gave Labour only 36.1% of the total votes and they managed to form the government on their own, against the total oppositions votes of 64.%

This table indicates those parties with over one seat, Great Britain only
Seats %Votes %Votes
Labour Party35556.536.19,552,436
Conservative Party19831.533.28,782,192
Liberal Democrats629.922.65,985,454
Scottish National Party61.01.6412,267
Plaid Cymru30.50.7174,838


The Labour Party only had 36.1% of the total votes but 56.5% of the total seats.The Conservative and all other parties put together had 63.9% of the votes but only 43.5% of the seats.

Even if all the opposition parties joined forces, they still do not have enough seats to form the government.

No one in the opposition complained that the UK electoral roll is dirty or the system is fucked up.The losers took it in their stride.

I wrote and posted the article about a year ago.Read here.


Anonymous said...

Harap-harap selepas ini Perdana Menteri akan mengurangkan pegawai-pegawai komiunkasi beliau yang sebahagian besarnya telah basi.

Karakter tukang jaga artis berpangkat Datuk Seri mungkin boleh kembali kepada tugas asal dan tak perlu menjadi hamba abdi buta tuli. Jangan bodek tak tentu pasal lagi.

Event organizer company Pasukan Komunikasi Nasional atau NCT harus dibubarkan. Penyangak NCT tidak menilai dan tidak tahu apa itu Janji DiTepati. Mereka hanya tahu salur dana kepada syarikat sendiri.

Karakter seperti Azman Awaldin, gundiknya Jaqueline dan saudara O, harus disiasat kerana ada maklumat mengatakan kumpulan ini telah menggelapkan dana puluhan juta ringgit.

Mungkin ada ramai yang tidak mempercayai tetapi fakta dan maklumat risikan tidak boleh ditepis lagi. Penyangak yang tikam Perdana Menteri dari belakang dengan Janji DiTepati harus diadili.

Jika tidak percaya cuba audit aset dan pemilikan individu-individu yang disebut tadi. Jangan lupa mahligai diP.Pinang dan Australia negeri sejuk mainan biri-biri. Periksa juga siapa pengarah dan pengerusi syarikay sapu sana sini.

Wahai bekas editor kanan berlagak penasihat memanda perdana menteri, jika ada perasaan malu dan harga diri, mohonlah maaf dan undurlah diri. Jangan khianati kepercayaan Perdana Menteri. Jangan bersekongkol dengan penyangak tak berperi walaupun gaji puluhan ribu diberi.
Berundurlah secara terhormat jika masih ada maruah diri.

Concerned Researchers

Purple Haze said...

Can you spot the difference of the "reporting" of the STAR vs the actual statement from the WHite House ? (


"GE13: US hopes for continued cooperation with Malaysia." The STAR.

"The Office of the White House Press Secretary congratulated Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on his general election victory, saying it looked forward to continuing the close cooperation with the Malaysian government and its people to strengthen democracy, peace and prosperity in the region. On behalf of the President and the people of the United States, we congratulate Prime Minister Najib on his coalition's victory in Malaysia's parliamentary elections on May 5," a statement from the US Embassy here said.

The general election saw Barisan Nasional returned to power after winning 133 of the 222 parliamentary seats to form the new federal government.

"We also congratulate the people of Malaysia who turned out in record numbers to cast their votes as well as the parties of the opposition coalition on their campaigns as a vibrant opposition is a foundation of democracy," the statement said. - Bernama


Here is Obama's White House statement conveyed through his Press Secretary:

"On behalf of the President and the people of the United States, we congratulate Prime Minister Najib on his coalition’s victory in Malaysia’s parliamentary elections on Sunday May 5. We also congratulate the people of Malaysia, who turned out in record numbers to cast their votes, as well as the parties of the opposition coalition on their campaigns, as a vibrant opposition is a foundation of democracy. We note concerns regarding reported irregularities in the conduct of the election, and believe it is important that Malaysian authorities address concerns that have been raised. We look forward to the outcome of their investigations. The United States looks forward to continuing its close cooperation with the government and the people of Malaysia to continue to strengthen democracy, peace, and prosperity in the region.

SM said...


Another BIG Yawn....I was wondering when you were going to revive that old article of yours!
We are not UK...
UNMO lost the Popular Vote so now they are pissed off & blame the Chinese for being ungrateful! When will you guys learn that the "Rakyat" do not owe the Government anything? We only owe allegiance to King & Country!

SM said...


Permit me to address Purple Haze.......What do you expect from Bernama & The Star?!!!!!

Purple Haze said...


I only posted that article to provide HL some hard evidence that the petition to Obama had reached the necessary level. The credibility of Bernama and the STAR have long been discounted and this is yet another episode of unbalanced reporting. Utusan, on the other hand, have been successfully sued for printing libelous statements, such as Aussie MP Xenopon's case.

I will mostly agree with HL that not much is likely to happen simply because Malaysia is not a top tier strategic partner of the US.