Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get Rid Of Azmin Ali Campaign Has Started

Hantu Laut

This will be denied by PKR people, but it will come. 

There will be a leadership tussle in PKR between Azmin Ali and Anwar Ibrahim. 

Barring, anything happening between now and the party elections, Azmin will mount a challenge for presidency of PKR that will draw Anwar out of his comfortable sanctum of de facto leadership to defend and keep the position within the family. He or his daughter will rise to the challenge.

Azmin is favoured by the youths and those who sees Anwar as becoming a liability to the party. If Najib is said to carry too much excess baggage, likewise, Anwar suffers the same perception in his own party, but his powerful grip on the party have kept the opposition at bay. 

The failure of Anwar to capture Putrajaya have changed the political sentiment in PKR and his uncultivated refusal to accept the results of the elections peeved some top PKR leaders, particularly, Azmin Ali.

Azmin has also fired the first salvo against party president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, wife of Anwar, on the autocratic way she announced the appointment of Khalid Ibrahim as MB without any consultation with other senior party leaders. There is silent requited enmity between the two.

Azmin, is now tolling the middle road objecting to the recurring political rallies organised by PR at the behest of Anwar. He has asked the party to stand down and accept the results of the elections. PKR don't need Anwar as much as it used to do and Azmin knew the weakening influence of Anwar in PKR is going to benefit him.

Anwar, is the glue that kept the coalition together, but he is also a thorn in the flesh of some PAS leaders, who don't trust him but knew without him the coalition days are numbered,  unwillingly and unwittingly tolerated his leadership.

It will be a tight race and Azmin might just pull through by the skin of his teeth.

Some party members have asked for action to be taken against Azmin. 

Would Anwar dare to upset the applecart? 

It is Anwar's style "If you are not with me, you are against me". The same he has done to his friends and close aides in the past, he would do to Azmin.

Anwar's covert campaign to get rid of Azmin Ali has started.

.....but this time he will meet his match!

Opinion Polls Are Unreliable In Malaysia - EIU

It is always the foreign press who knows better and makes better and more accurate predictions of this country political and economic situation compared to any of our so-called political pundits and opinion polls gizmos.

I have, from time to time, expressed doubts on the capability of our so-called political pundits and opinion polls in making sound and correct predictions of the actual political and economic situations in the country. 

The Merdeka Centre, who proudly claimed they are the best in the country is one of the worst from among bottom of the barrel hot shits. 

To add insult to injury, they do bear shit in the woods of their shoddy masterpiece. Almost none have come close. Most predicted a neck to neck race or PR winning the elections.

Only the idiot savants have predicted correctly that the BN will win without two-thirds majority.

When you mix emotion with realty you can never get sensible results and many of our local pundits are guided by which side they support and the end result would reflect more of their personal adherence rather than their professionalism.

The EIU, which I believe not many Malaysians read, may not be on target always, but more often than not are closest to the truth than many other publications.

Read what they predicted, before and after GE13.

Before: On 3rd May 2013

Opinion polls are unreliable in Malaysia. The latest poll from the University of Malaya's Centre for Democracy and Elections puts Mr Anwar ahead.

On balance, we still believe that the BN will win the election. Incumbency will give it a slight advantage over the PR. Although its gradual programme of reforming affirmative-action policies has upset more conservative elements of the ethnic-Malay population, these elements are unlikely to vote for the opposition in protest. So long as this vote bank holds and the BN is able to secure Sabah and Sarawak, it has a good chance of extending its tenure.

Read more.

After: On 7th May 2013

The PR faces a bleak five years until the next election, unless it actively engages in persuading enough BN members of parliament to switch sides and launch a no-confidence motion against the government. Mr Anwar has repeatedly said that he would step down if he failed to steer the PR to election victory, a promise he might now be forced to make good on. Not only is Mr Anwar a charismatic leader, but he is also regarded as the glue that holds an ideologically diverse group together. In the absence of an obvious successor to the opposition leader, a leadership contest could presage the demise of the PR. The predominantly ethnic-Chinese Democratic Action Party (DAP) has become the largest political group within the three-party PR, but the DAP is reluctant to assert leadership in order to avoid ethnic strife. Its opposition to Islamic law is regularly expressed and antagonises its Islamic coalition partner, Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS). The PAS is likely to become more receptive to UMNO enticements to share power and unite under the banner of ethnicity and religion, especially after the recent retirement of its elderly, spiritual leader, Nik Aziz Mat.


Anonymous said...

No way will azmin leave anwar. He's got no clout, no grassroots, no fund and no balls.

Tis a lovers' quarrel, no doubt will end in tragedy and heartbreaks.

Anonymous said...

No wonder PKR's party election have been postpone?