Saturday, May 18, 2013

Political Hotchpotch

Hantu Laut

The Dayaks are not happy with P.M Najib's oversight, miscalculation, or calculated move. They want more ministers. Najib "kepala pusing" banyak orang "kepala besar" 

Karpal says abolish senate, he wants to kill our bicameral system. Maybe, he is right. Can save a lot of money by not paying the no work senators. Their salaries and perks must be running into millions each year for doing nothing.

Anwar Ibrahim says he is going to be arrested soon. Looks like he is stirring the hornet's nest, hoping there'll be an uprising if he is arrested, because he is so loved by the people. We must throw the BN government out he said. He is looking forward to be arrested so his dream of a Malaysian Spring will materialise. I say it won't happen, like rats abandoning a sinking ship.

Pakatan Rakyat Sabah will form a shadow cabinet to monitor Sabah government performance said political chapman Lajim Bin Ukin. When the money ran out, don't rule out this man returing to UMNO. One lost Pakatan candidate, former UMNO man who ditched the party at the eleventh hour to join PR is knocking on Musa Aman's door, saying he was misled.

P.Warthamooty, Najib's magicked minister described his appointment as "historic opportunity to change the fortunes of the Indian community". Let's hope he is not like Samy Velu, who changed the Indian fortunes and kept all for himself. 

Getting a little tired of politics, let's enjoy the beauty of Sabah.

Mengkabong river with Mt.Kinabalu in the background.


Anonymous said...

Yehh..forget about politics for a while..l am going KK for a holiday this December. What is your recommendation that i should not missed while in KK.?

Anonymous said...

I wonder can they become Minister as per say. William and James please be honest to yourself that you both are be influenced by non bumi politician.

Purple Haze said...

I am waiting for Zahid Hamidi to tell the Sarawak and Sabah parties that if they don't like the allocation, they can "______" (fill in your own words).

I do empathise with the Sabah and Saraawak parties as one needs to ask what is the rationale for someone like Waytha to be included and other politicial parties who did not win any seat? Sure, its politics but are the rakyat being taken for a ride ?

As it is, the Malaysian Cabinet is way too large for a country of population 29 million.

Karpal's comments make some sense as our Dewan Undangan are hardly noticeable in what they do. But I doubt it will change anytime soon.