Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Word Of Honour Need No Pen Nor Paper

Hantu Laut

Honour is the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right. A man who is confident of his word of honour need not put it down to pen and paper.

"Word of honour"...a verbal commitment by a person to another agreeing to do, or not to do something in the future. In simple language it is called "gentlemen's agreement", relies on honour for its fulfilment.

A man who is a modal of rectitude and sure of his honesty will not bother with a written covenant. Only in business such written instrument is necessary. 

Najib needs not sign such agreement as I am pretty sure Jusuf Jalla who had experience in brokering such deal before had called for a gentlemen's agreement, not a written one. 

Being a businessman before, I have seen fair share of broken contracts by clients, who cared not about reputation when they have made a bad decision. 

Written contract is no guarantee of performance, it just give you comfort and something to fall back to if you need to take action to enforce it.What legal action can he takes if Najib signed and broke the agreement. Does he not know that word of honour if can be proven can also seek justice in the court of law?

Anwar knew but need a bad story to tell his followers. 

If one is of crooked mind no amount of written agreement is good enough protection. Cooked and crooked excuses can be used to break it.

Throughout our adult life many of us have had bets, lent or borrowed money from friends based on word of honour. Mutual trust bind us to honour our promise and pay back what we owe.

The excuse given by Anwar for not honouring his side of the deal  lack plausibility and atrociously shameful.

Let us look at number one of his demand of "no personal attack" 

In all honesty, he has actually implicated himself, his party and the whole Pakatan Rakyat outfit guilty of this. There are thousands of evidences on the Internet to prove that he and his soldiers are more guilty of this than Najib and his battalions. The attack on Najib was vicious and uncalled for. All the blogs and news portal friendly to Anwar have done pretty good job demonising Najib. Malaysiakini, Malaysia Insider, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicle and many others are pro-Anwar and Pakatan.

Of course, it goes without saying he will say he has no control over these people. Najib can also claim he has no control over the mass media in this country.

Anwar and Pakatan are not interested in the print and mass media, that was just a cooked excuse. They have access to bigger and more effective media.

The Internet has humongous penetration compared to the mainstream mass media. Almost 60% of the country are wired to the Internet and 80% of urban dwellers have access to the alternative media. That's why they won big in the urban areas and lost in the kampongs. He is only interested to show off in the cities and big towns, as Daim Zainuddin aptly described a "clown in  a circus". His political campaigning was skewed, favouring the urban areas.His megalomania and exhibitionist nature made him lose the elections.

Number two "free and fair elections". If the elections had not been free and fair how come Pakatan Rakyat can get more popular votes than Barisan Nasional? 

He used this another crooked excuse to say that he should have won Puterajaya because of popular votes, but was cheated by BN. He was not truthful to tell his followers that our electoral system is such that you can get more popular votes but still not get enough parliamentary seats to form the government, the same as  those practised in U.K and many other Commonwealth countries. 

His design to question and ridicule the electoral roll as being dirty was done long before polling day using BERSIH as his vehicle and street demonstrations as his dirty trick to hoodwink the people that all is not well with the Election Commission. In U.K the Labour Party ever had just over 30% of the popular votes, but collected over 50% of the seats, worse than what we had in the recent elections where the difference was only 3.4 % and Anwar claimed victory based on this absolute nonsense.

In spite of his accusations of massive vote rigging he came so close to taking over the government but bungled it because of over confidence, arrogance and stupidity.

Anyway, it was Anwar who asked Jusuf to broker the deal and it was Jusuf Kalla who first broke the story to WSJ, not Najib. Why didn't he whack Jusuf Jalla instead?

Why Anwar wanted the deal with Najib?

Because he was so over confidence of winning, he was afraid that Najib may not concede and give way to smooth transition of power. 

Najib was sure of himself and knew, win or lose, he would honour the agreement.

Anwar biggest problem is, he can't tell the difference between a lie and the truth. 

Today, he is a desperate man seeking justice on the streets.


Anonymous said...

What other deals have been going on behind the scenes?

Perhaps, DAP and MCA made deals of their own as well?

Kanchan Tirana said...

On an unrelated note, how about starting a movement to rebrand the 'Red Bean Army' into 'Red Bean TROLLS'. Much more appropriate. Army has a sense of power and honor to it. Trolls describe them to the T.

Anonymous said...

anwar was born a liar and lived with lies all his life

this time he lied to himself knowing that without lies he is really nothing

the whole world has finally discovered his true identity

except for power-hungry politicians who uses him for their political gains

a tragedy to be born anwar ibrahim

Anonymous said...

Raja munafiqun sudah nyata.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

May 29, 2013 at 2:13 AM

your business suffering huh? FOC airtime in blogs?

Purple Haze said...

Najib also did not sign any agreement with the UMNO Lama Team B partners - Tg Razaleigh, etc.

For those who are blissfully unaware of what happened in 1987, it is the same Najib Tun Razak who changed allegiance from Team B to Mahathir's Team A and this ensured a narrow victory of about 87 votes for the Presidency.

If Anwar is without honour, neither is Najib !

Ramayana said...

So according to Purple Haze, both Najib and Anwar are disreputable characters. Superb stuff. What? If Najib was ABC in 1980s, you must and cannot set aside Anwar's even worse ABC in the 1980s and 90s, man. But noooo, the pro-Opposition people have been saying all along, Oh that was then, Anwar is a changed man now. Eh? So one set of rules for Anwar, another for Najib? How?

Pro-BN folks are now calling for Najib to step down. Let's hope the pro-Opposition fellows like Purple Haze has similar moral integrity and call for this tired old fucker to step down.

Anonymous said...

Anwar is just like a man in a mirror. Every time he lies, he gets pad on his shoulder. So he continues

Purple Haze said...


Hantulaut can attest that while I have a pro-Opposition stance, I have in some posts, given due recognition to PM Najib for trying to make changes in governing Malaysia. His objectives seem to be good but the execution is failing because the people around him have lost the plot. You have inferred much of the same when you say that even pro-BN folks are calling for his resignation.

People like me are aghast that the Prime Minister of Malaysia remains silent when the voices for the Malaysian ideal are criminalised while the voices for the superiority of a certain ethnic group are free to continue dividing the rakyat by uttering and writing seditious vitriol.

PM Najib is no angel either. People's memory seem to fail when the issue of him being involved with a popular local singer in a hotel room in Port Dickson many years ago and the ongoing Perimeker/Scorpene/Altatunya case continues to be intriguing. Did the 2 people found guilty of murder really act on their own accord when they hardly knew who she was ?

Having said that, Anwar Ibrahim was potentially a threat to Malaysia in the early 90s, before he got into Tun Dr M's bad books. I have always maintained (and written a few times in this blog) that if he was a homosexual, then Malaysia cannot have him as PM. That just would not sit well with the rakyat.

But in 2 well publicised sodomy cases, there has not been a compelling case to find him guilty. I remain open to that possibility but todate, there are insinuations but no real evidence. Lots of videos of look alikes and photoshopping but yet to be brought to the courts of law.

The issue of a fair trial is also debateable but that is another issue altogether.

Is Anwar Ibrahim a changed man ? Perhaps he is, after a few years in jail for misusing his position but this also relates to the paragraph above. Which politician hasn't misused his position ?

But perhaps he has not. Then we should discard him but not the ideals, which are supported by a growing number of Malaysians, as evidenced by the GE13 results.

I do not know the man but he is certainly saying the right things. PM Najib is sometimes saying the right things but does the opposite (or worse, does nothing at all).

If Anwar is a con man, he will not be able to stay long as an elected leader. Abdullah Badawi suffered that fate and looks like Najib is facing a test. Tun Dr M ? Well, he suppressed all opposition, didn't he ?

Ramayana, I hope that I have convinced you that I do not follow Anwar Ibrahim blindly. My concern really is that Malaysia reverts back to its original ideals under our Bapa Merdeka. Leaders will come and go but the country is what we are all responsible for. We must be united against common enemies such as corrupt politicians, retrogressive policies and mismanagement of the rakyat's money, regardless of which political party is in power.

Anonymous said...

haiya purple haze, you are so hazed up that you are turning purple

you admire buttman and mangkuk47

and you believed in Perimeker/Scorpene/Altatunya, popular singer zz - are these RUMOURS ever proven?

when anwar was videotaped with cinatramp, you say fake - then when Najib was photoshopped as a hindu and with altantuya, you SWALLOWED hook, line and sinker??

alamak you are one purply hazed up bozo

Anonymous said...

"anwar is certainly saying the right things"

hazy have you heard that action speaks louder than words??

you are one sotong that can be conned by half past six salesman

Anonymous said...

"PM Najib is sometimes saying the right things but does the opposite (or worse, does nothing at all)"

gosh you mean you actually shadowed him 24/7 even to his loo??

Anonymous said...

"Tun Dr M ? Well, he suppressed all opposition, didn't he?"

aiyoyo ... why the question mark, you mean you're not TOO sure

red bean trolls would simply LUV ya - easy meat for their political agenda - brainwashable grade 1

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze read again the findings of the judges on sodomy 1. The judges recorded that they found that Anwar did engage in these (gay) activities!

In my opinion all those street demonstrations mostly attended by non-Malays would not materialise if not for Anwar. Well before he joined UMNO he was already in the habit of organising demonstrations as head of ABIM (Malaysian Muslim Youth Organisation) an ultra Muslim body. Luckily for people like Purple Haze, Anwar's Islamist ambitions were cut short by Mahathir when he was "invited" to join UMNO.

Anwar's connection with Arab Saudi is yet another contentious issue. He was sent to Germany for treatment of his 'auter" back problem by a private jet belonging to a Saudi Prince. Where did he get the money in late 70s to open up a private Muslim Girls' school where the "tudung" was "COMPULSORY?", the very first act of using 'form" to segregate the races in this country.... think Purple Haze, because I think you are following Anwar blindly indeed!

White Haze

Anonymous said...

White Haze

hazy purply will NEVER understand court documents

this type only loves drama and scandals - the more sensational the more potent

which explains the very reason they actually have FAITH in the TAMIL buttman

NatGeo is dead to them but Kollywood is alive and dancing

yennedeiii ... anwar anwar anwar

sumatran haze

Anonymous said...

For non Muslim you can admire Anwar. But for Muslim how can we put our trust to a munafik. Unless you are under the same category with him. Even ex president of a country can be fooled by him. These people who easily fooled by him are those who are ignorance of the advice by the prophet on symptoms of munafik.

Purple Haze said...

To White Haze and Sumatran Haze

I actually do read the court docs and in the Sodomy 1 case, there were a number of, shall we say, uncharacteristic obstacles put forward by the trial judge (Augustin), rendering arguments as "irrelevant" whereas they were quite pertinent to the case.

In September 2004, the Malaysian Federal Court overturned his sodomy conviction. This means that the original conviction was invalidated. In effect, it means that the alleged crime of sodomy was not proven.

In its decision the court ruled that the High Court had “misdirected itself” in convicting Anwar and Sukma on sodomy charges at their trial in 2000, primarily because the evidence of the prosecution’s main witness in the case had been “uncorroborated” and could not be deemed credible.

The prosecution was unable to accurately decide on a date that the alleged acts of anal sex had occurred – the government originally alleged that a sodomy had occurred inside a building that had not been constructed at the time of the alleged event.

Furthermore, the Attorney General's prosecution team (headed by Abdul Gani Patail) also submitted a scenario in which Dr Munawar Anees took an overnight flight from Britain all the way to Malaysia to be sodomised by Anwar, and flew back to Britain after that. The infamous "stained mattress" that was taken in and out of court over 20 times throughout the duration of the trial, was supposedly the same one that Anwar did his homosexual acts and extramarital sex on. However, according to the evidence, the sexual acts had taken place on the mattress a few years ago, and yet the DNA evidence obtained from it were rather recent in age.

In the Sodomy II case, the medical report showed no penetration - so how can there be a case for sodomy ? It was a waste of taxpayer's money.

In criminal cases, the prosecution has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, which in both cases, if one is objective, will show that there was plenty of doubt. And if you had the technology of the TV series CSI, the prosecution's case will probably have been epic fails.

Digressing but still on the subject of criminal law, we have 2 men who were found guilty of murdering a young Mongolian woman a few years ago. They shot her and blew her up with military grade C4 explosives. Why would these 2 men do such a ghastly act against a woman whom they hardly knew 24 hrs earlier ? It was certainly not a robbery.

In their testimony, they said that they were instructed to do so. Why did the judge not ask the logical question - who gave the instruction ?

We may disagree on political issues but some child's mother and a father's daughter had been ordered to be killed. Justice has to be served upon the person(s) responsible for thie reprehensible act.