Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meritocracy Memang Cina Punya, Melayu Pun Boleh Jika Dididik Sepertinya

Hantu Laut

Every passing day we get all kind of nut cases in this country.

Before I get to the crux of the matter let us stop at Malacca where a huge controversy is ongoing on a faulty decision made by the new Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Idris Haron to close down Jonker Street. 

Why the need to close down something that has been there for 14 years, had become a tourist attraction and a heritage of Malaysian cultures for the world to see? 

Has the Chief Minister caught the Heng Jebat syndrome, or is he in a Malay dilemma for making such inconsiderate and irrational decision? Isn't he chief minister for all?

I always believe in "if it ain't broke don't fix it", if you do, other inextricable problems may come out of it, which is exactly what happened to Idris Haron. 

I have been to Jonker Street many times before, long before upgrading and after its upgrading, hunting for antiques as I like to keep old things. I think it is a wonderful place. 

What plausible explanation had Idris Haron given the people to close down such a beautiful street that embodied the multi-cultural heritage of this beautiful country.

Rightfully so, now the Chinese is saying it is "political vengeance and retaliation" against the Chinese for voting against Barisan National. 

PM Najib, I think you need to keep your boys in check before they do bigger damage to the peace and harmony of this country. One must not cut one's nose to spite one's face.

Now, let get to the crux of the matter.

A recent statement by a Malay educationist, one Ibrahim Abu Shah , a former deputy chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Mara calling on the Ministry of Education to restructure the education system to do away with MERITOCRACY and bring back justice to MALAY students, is, to me, an insult to the Malay race.

Adding salt to the wound implying that Malays are not able to compete on a level playing field, he and a group of Malay educationists asserted that the merit system have created CHINESE SUPREMACY in the country. 

That in itself is an admission that Malays are slow learners. How could the same education system create one race to become more superior than the other?

If this bunch of Malay educationists do not yet know, let me enlighten them that CHINESE SUPREMACY in education have always been there for as long as they have been around. 

Why are Chinese more successful? 

Because Chinese parents care more about education and will spend every penny to educate their children. I have seen Chinese hawkers, fishmongers and petty traders sending their children overseas for further study. They carry out their tasks indefatigably and saved every penny they could to educate the children. They do not waste time seeking government help to send their children for higher education because they know they won't be getting any. 

Ostensibly, not all Chinese are like that, but majority are, giving highest priority to education. Very rich Chinese do not even bother to educate their kids in this country, after primary education the children are sent to Singapore for secondary education and onward to other countries for their tertiary.Unless they have big family business to take over back home,  most of the bright ones never came back to Malaysia.

I always have had reservation about our education system, from primary to tertiary, whether it can prepare our children to compete in the global place. Not being unpatriotic but more being prudent about the children future, all my children were educated in Singapore for their primary/secondary education and in the West for their tertiary education. I am sure, if the occasion arises, they can find a job anywhere in the world.

In ancient China one have to sit for civil service examination before one can enter the civil service. The great Chinese philosopher Confucious asserted that those who govern should do so because of merit, not of inherited status. His notion sets in motion the creation of imperial examinations and bureaucracies open only to those who passed the tests

To help Malays gain greater height in education it is not by lowering the standard but by constantly raising the notches up to make it competitive for the Malays in order to put them at par with the best in the world. 

Unfortunately, our few learned Malays are looking the other way, to reduce Malays to become moronic students.

What's the point of churning out thousands of mediocre graduates that no one would want to employ other than a government that set up itself a middling education system under a gross misconception that it is helping it own race to achieve better educational standard. These Malay professors need to have their heads examine. 

It is common knowledge in this country that local graduates find it hard to get jobs in the private sector, which survive on being competitive and won't take the risk employing laggards. 

There are thousands of unemployed graduates, who are also their own worst enemies, they overrated their second/third rate degrees and won't take a 'stopgap' job while waiting for better prospect.

To the Malay educationists, I suggest "don't bring the mountain to Muhammad, bring Mohammad to the mountain"


Anonymous said...

Sadly, our leaders believe in dumbing down or lowering down the education standard of our nation.

We are now reaping that decision set decades ago.

And our education minister is not helping either with his abolishing of PPSMI.

I believe that if vernacular schools can be allowed, so English Stream School should be allowed as a choice. Let the parents choose what is best.


Jonker Bonkers said...

Another apologetic article. C'mon man. I'm starting to lose hope on you.

Yeah open Jonker street once again. But this time, give the whole lot to MALAY traders. Will the shit stirrer agree? MY ASS they will.

About the education part, it's the same 'he says she says' bullshit with no concrete evidence.

SM said...


I agree with you BUT I'm just a PR supporter who does not know any better.

You better be careful & write morw anti-Chinese Articles or you may lose all of your pro-UMNO pro-PERKASA supporters.

Let's wait & see what the rest of your Readers say.

Purple Haze said...

This video may be educational for those educationalists from all ethnic backgrounds. It also has a few strands of evidence that Jonkers Bonkers might want to see.

Anonymous said...

jonker street should stay the way it is. Idris haron is a nutcase. jonker walk sells. don't even rename it jebat walk ! don't be silly

educations, i don't know what the hell our so called educators eat everyday to be this backward in their thinking. the love of learning determines one's learning ability. today we have only time marking teacher, no educators


SM said...


By the way, I strongly suggest you get a better soap when you wash your hands!
Shahidan Kassim admitted in Parliment today that the Indelible Ink used in the 13th GE was actually Food Dye! I remember your article where you said you couldn't wash the Ink if you couldn't wash off Food Dye with the soap you are currently using now, you may want to try a better Brand?!

Anonymous said...

My wife cousin who was educated in Singapore from primary and secondary school and then continue his higher studied in M'sia when his father returned to M'sia and now is a HR manager in a big MNC company in Pasir Gudang. He told me that it is difficult for him to employ a Malay accountant who has good written and oral English ability. He added that Malay professional are lacking of good qualities to compete with their Indian and Chinese rival. In one hand Malaysia is attracting the foreign investors and at the other hand the education system is limiting the teaching of English. What is this Najib?

Anonymous said...

"don't bring the mountain to Muhammad, bring Mohammad to the mountain"

I suggest not using sayings that suggest that Muhammad is a liar trying to talk his way out, especially in a muslim majority country.

I don't know in what context you're using it, but I believe the meaning actually tends to be negative.

It's a a miracle if the mountain came to him, but him going to the mountain is nothing worthwhile.

Purple Haze said...

The power of HL's soap is not an issue with me.

It is now documented that the Election Commission lied about the use of silver nitrate in the indelible ink when there was none.

Can you understand why Bersih has been raising so much fuss ? And Ambiga is the heretic when the facts are now exposed ?

In many other countries, the head of the commission would have resigned. But this is Malaysia. Semua nya OK.

SM said...

Purple Haze,

Brother HL understands my sarcasm. 1/ And yes, only in Malaysia can the Head & his Deputy, of a supposedly "impartial" body be members of a Political Party (it was proven that they were UMNO members but they supposedly forgot that they were members)!
2/ It is not proven that they lied...on at least the Indelible Ink & yet no action taken.
3/ Not only PR but BN also contested the GE results, so how come these two are still the Head & Deputy of the EC?!!!!! We know the answer don't we?!!!!!

MalayPerson said...

It's tragic that creatures such as Ibrahim Abu Shah still exist in today's globalised Malaysia. This man is an ultra who has no shame about degrading his own race. He is virtually saying that there is no word "meritocracy" in our dictionary. He is indeed a man past his due date. I hope nobody listens to him. His words give hope to non-hardworking people to advance in life and create a mediocre society.

Ibrahim Abu Shah has nothing to contribute to Malays' genuine advancement in this competitive world.

He may have good intention but his means suck!

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut,
Chinese prosper because they have a strong gongxi mentality and have learnt to deal since they are young. They also have a lot of ego and pride.

Basically, in KL its a Chinese world in the MNCs.

I doubt this bullshite story of yours about education. There are many non Chinese out there who are just as educated but are killed in terms of opportunities. They can't even get a foot in.

So what do we do?

Go to Singapore.

Much more democratic and meritocratic there.

One day I will have my revenge.

Anonymous said...

Singapore edn system is based on rote learning and 10 year series. The tuition industry is The Real McCoy.

If you produce scholars based on hard work, you would never nurture creative out of the box intellectuals.

Which is why singapore NOW needs foreign talent to make the hard decisions.

Malaysia's pace is a wise one - why rush and commit critical errors. Vernacular schools have outlived its purpose since the imported pendatang labour are now citizens. DAP must walk the talk if they shout Malaysians First by shutting down all vernacular schools for reconcialition efforts.

The chap who asks for meritocracy shut down may be concerned about racial imbalance which is wise but not too convincing.

I have seen "successful" students with straight As unable to rebut issues in a clear cogent manner. They can pass written exams superbly.

So HL don't jump the gun and condemn in a rush.

If chinese bite the hands that feed, the most LOGICAL guide is to ignore and overlook them coz you sure DON'T want your hands to be bitten twice.

Anonymous said...


If you measure a person's worth based on the exams they aced, then you're gonna miss out on the unpolished diamonds for the cheap shiny glass.

Anonymous said...


If you measure a person's worth based on the exams they aced, then you're gonna miss out on the unpolished diamonds for the cheap shiny glass.

Anonymous said...

SM is such an idiotic retard, why reduce every single issue into pro-this and anti-that.

Such a racist creature!

Anonymous said...


Malacca Chief can do what he likes based on majority wishes.

Hopefully DAP bans Bazaar Ramadam - then the war will really start.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court of the United States
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This happened in 1st world America

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