Monday, June 24, 2013

The Indonesian Minister Is A Moron!

Hantu Laut

If you are born stupid there is little anyone can do to help you, but if you can rise to the level of a minister in a government people expect some level of intelligence in you.

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than open it and remove all doubt" a popular quotation by Mark Twain

I have little time for this kind of stupidity.

This Indonesian Minister should commit "harakiri" because he has no sense of shame. He should come to Malaysia and Singapore and see first hand how dangerous the smog had become and hazardous to human lives. We live in constant fear that we may collapse anytime and die due to lack of oxygen in the air. 

The API reading in Muar, Johor yesterday spiked to 746, even a face mask is rendered useless with such dense pollutants in the air.

He lives in Jakarta, or on Java Island, which is not in the path of the deadly haze and he has no idea how terrible it is to breath such deadly air, which can kill the elderly and those with respiratory diseases.

After reading this my blood reached boiling point. What kind of lamentable excuse this moron is giving us?

It is your country, you have jurisdiction over the land, put out the fire and take action against those companies. 

You have your law, enforce it! What's the point of telling us they are Malaysian companies, the Malaysian government can't go there and enforce the law.

It's typical irresponsible Indonesian mentality, I am big, I am a moron, I don't care and I can bully you.

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Anonymous said...

Sir, I like your comment. You are being direct and blunt. Bravo for such writings.

Anonymous said...

You're totally corect sir.

Anonymous said...

Bangsa serumpun. Bising apa ni?

Orang kat Sumatera tak komplen pun. Tak de orang mampus pun.

Menteri-menteri Malaysia lebih Moron tau tak?

Anonymous said...

who cares if the wrong doer is indonesian, malaysian or singaporean company. the burning happen in your soil, you have the law, use it. penalise the companies. i don't give a hoot who own those companies. by the way, isn't doing business in indonesia you must have a local partner???tol nya pak, tak gitu???

Anonymous said...

cikgu: apakah eksport terbesar negara indonesia murid-murid?
murid-murid: jerebu cikgu...
cikgu: he...he...he

Anonymous said...

Kenapa orang Sumatra tak complain?

Sebab diorang yang bakar sebenarnya, wakakakakakaka

Anon kat atas tu bodoh nak mampos, nak tunggu orang mampos baru nak buat apa-apa, mentaliti indon betul!