Sunday, July 21, 2013

Loyar Bodoh Pandai!

Hantu Laut

There is a limit to free speech. You can't go around insulting other religion or other race and thereafter claimed immunity under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution on the basis of free speech.

With advice like this who needs a lawyer.
This half-past-six lawyer should stop calling herself a lawyer.

Free speech does not allow you to insult other religion. Propagating hate or insulting others on the basis of race, colour and religion is a crime. Hate crime can lead to violence and death.

Though, I do not agree with the severity of the punishment, appropriate action must be taken against the couple as deterrent to others. 

Not taking action can open the floodgate of racial and religious slurs. 

Just read the many nasty racist comments on blogs and social media, one can assume that this country is not short of racists and bigots out there waiting to unleash their torrent of racial abuses.

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Anonymous said...

WHat to do? When the one who is trying to burn bible and walks free. This is injustice against the non Muslim

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in this bolehland, only non Muslim got punished.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Ibrahim Ali but I thought if has been made clear that he wasn't trying to burn the Holy Bible. Ibrahim was responding to a call on Catholics to use BM bibles that contained the word "Allah". Ibrahim argued that until it was made lawful, such bibles would remain illegal and mustn't be allowed to be distributed.

SM said...


If I may....

Anonymous (7:01am) please also explain why Zul Nordin is free to do what he wants since he insulted the Hindus & the Indians.....what we are told ny UMNO is that he's just giving his opinion!

Anonymous said...

Why are you Christians so adamant on using Allah in BM bibles when you don't like BM?

You got some sinister hidden motive there ahh?

If Bak Kut Teh is not babi, then Ibrahim Ali wants to burn those unwanted bibles because burning is the way to dispose of them lah!Or you rather we turn them into toilet paper?

You want to loyar buruk, every body can loyar buruk too!

Anonymous said...

from all cinabeng comments, the conclusion is their denial tendencies and the raw scheming political ambitions