Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Way, The UMNO Way

Hantu Laut

Change, reform, transformation, reconstruction, renewing, or whatever name you want to give it,  if you take no effort to do what you preached, you'll eventually be fucked!


If it is not now, it's a matter of time, the crunch will come.

Reforms and transformations are words that have been tossed around since Mahathir left the scene and the "wimps" took over and promised change they had no desire to carry through.

Frankly, I think UMNO had no desire to change. UMNO is  hellbent in running the country the way they deemed fit, running it to the ground.

There are many bloggers like me that have been supporting their cause for nothing and are tired and have had enough of defending people who had no desire to change.

How many times have we heard the word uttered whenever the party's barometric level goes up and stormy weather looms ahead?

Former Prime Minister Ahmad Badawi had said it umpteen times since March 2008, but nothing had came out of it. The only change that happened was changing of the guard in UMNO from Badawi to Najib, who like his predecessor has also uttered "CHANGE" umpteen times yet change remained empty war cry.

Now, the Malay first, Malaysian second Deputy Prime Minister says the same thing that "UMNO must change if they want to stay relevant"

Will they ?

The Malays in the streets knew very well they have always been taken for a ride and gotten raw end of the deal, more often than not, would not have benefited from the "ketuanan Melayu" bullshit. The NEP was to serve the interests of UMNO leaders and warlords. 

Maintaining the status quo had become so irresistible to these leaders, come what may, they will not change. Even low ranking UMNO leader can make a fortune if he knows which apple to polish.

One have to go round the country to see the sub-standard and shoddy works of completed government projects that have gone through the UMNO laundry machine.

One can see the extent of the power and influence of the UMNO warlords by the Prime Minister's recent action of appointing those dropped at the last elections with cosy and rewarding jobs in GLCs and other government agencies. 

UMNO elected members continue to show their revolting habit and lack of intellectuality by asking anyone that criticises the government or Malay rights to migrate to other countries. 

How much shallower can you get with this kind of response?  

Najib, whom many had been looking forward to execute radical changes had been a big disappointment so far. Can we expect him to bring about meaningful changes? 

He is still surrounded by the same old people, the same old politics of patronage, cronyism and nepotism. He has to pay tributes to these self-serving bloodsuckers and re-appoint them to pivotal positions in government and government agencies.

His sovereign vehicle 1MDB had become the butt of jokes and laughing stock of the financial world after paying the highest fee ever, 7.7 % of the face value of the bonds to Goldman Sach for underwriting fees. The industry average for that year was 1.32 % for junk bonds. 

The Malaysian government had given a "Letter Of Comfort" to Goldman Sach, which they say did not amount to a guarantee. Who are they trying to fool, themselves or the Malaysian public? 

1MDB is wholly owned by the Malaysian government and in the event of a default the Malaysian government, with or without the "letter of comfort" will have no choice, in order to save its world's credit rating and credibility will have to make good the default and pay up. That's your money and mine!

The people at Goldman Sach know it, the people at 1MDB don't, they are bluffing themselves and the Malaysian people.

I presumed the bonds are US$ denominated and the currency may go north or south making the bonds vulnerable to foreign exchange currency fluctuations. If the US$ goes north at maturity than bad luck for 1MDB, they may incur huge forex losses.

It may not be too late for Najib to kick asses at 1MDB, remove those morons and replace with people who know the business.

UMNO may still be able to keep the rural Malay votes in the Peninsula, but Sabah and Sarawak may be gone. No more fixed deposits for BN. It will just be UMNO against the rest of the country. 

The erosion of KDM votes in the 13th GE in Sabah is a prelude to a wind of change. The same scenario prevails in Sarawak.


Anonymous said...

Thank you HL for seeing and saying things as it is. For the sake of our country's future, UMNO need to change
or it will be changed involuntarily.

What changes are needed?
- Be inclusive, as a party for Malaysians not only for the Malays.
- Be rid off feudalism, where old ways and traditions must be conserved at the price of national progress.
- Be open to young leaders who are progressive.
- Be brave to accept that protectionism will only lead to weakness for those they seek to protect.

I pray for changes.


SM said...


Be careful bro! You may be accused of being a part of the "Red Bean" Army!
Your UMNO readers may not want to hear such blasphemy from you!
My only comment is....or rather question.....How come you took so long to see "the writing on the wall" (or did you see it but kept hoping that UMNO will change?)?
I'm really interested in reading the comments from your "Yes Men" Readers!
Like I said many a time, I was a staunch UMNO & TDM supporter once BUT got completely turned off by their shenanigans.
UMNO & BN change? Nahhhhhhh, maybe when Hell freezes over!

Anonymous said...

As you may well know the Bond Market is boing south. EPF has just announced tnat they will be paying less dividends this year because of this. 1MDB? It was a sure failure from the start looking at the political and personal drivers behind the organization.

UMNO? Destiny is calling it to close down as it is no longer a viable institution. The Rot Continues and it has been starting with the Head even before Badawi's time. The Members and its leaders are just in denial.

Good Luck in your search for better things to do.

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

No need to change UMNO.u must change corrupt UMNO leaders and those leaders talk big,mouth big talk only but no action.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't give a damn about what will happened to UMNO.

Change will be good for the country.

Anwar may be better than Najib after all.

Anonymous said...

The change should be to make Malaysia like India and China. In China the chinese are the people controlling the country and in India the indian are the richest people. In Malaysia the shits that were left by british are the ones that are controlling the country except in politic which they had failed but will maintain their unity and try again. Are you blind? Can't you see how Burma treats their minority? Why can't they count all the blessing that they have received? The British purposely had left their shits without flushing them off and now the shits have forgotten how they have arrived to this comfort living in MALAYsia.

To UMNO, PAS and PKR all are idiots who fighting with each others have end up turning MALAYsia to MALAYsial.

Anonymous said...

Remember the big plantation lands that belong to caucasian in some of the African countries were taken over by the African by force. Why???