Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scorpene Submarines: Lord Charles (Chahl) Tells All

Hantu Laut

Read how Suaram spun the yarn on the Scorpene submarines deal. 

I have always had my doubts of this NGO run by witches, sorcerers and political vagabonds used by the political oppositions 

Now that Pakatan had lost the elections and Anwar Ibrahim failed to grab the covetous title more must be done to rattle Najib's cage.

Read the VOICE take on Suaram chasing the chimera and a tell all by Jasbir Singh Chahl, endearingly known among friends as Lord Chahl, or, if you wish, the English version of the more esteemed Lord Charles. 

Would Lord Charles story have taken a different path if Anwar and Pakatan had won the 13th General Elections?

Read story here.


Purple Haze said...

Mr Chahl claims not to know of Ms Altantunya. That may be the truth.

However, it is a fact that Razak Baginds did have a relationship with Ms Altantunya. This is not denied by Mr Chahl.

Based on the testimony of the two convicted policemen, it is apparent that they were following instructions. Please view the speech by PI Bala's lawyer at the recent SUARAM dinner.

Of course, we still don't know who ordered the termination but logic will dictate that these 2 UTK members had no reason to kill the woman. In fact, they had no idea who it was, as the cautioned statement of one of them made reference to the "Chinese woman". not knowing that she was Mongolian. They had no clue who she was. Ikut perentah aje.

As for the fees paid, I find it bewildering that RMN staff were sent to France for a total of 6 years for training.

"The biggest chunk of the fees went to the provision of accommodation and all the necessary services for the training of RMN personnel and their families in Brest, France, and Spain, for a period of six years, inclusive of health insurance premiums and per diem allowances of a minimum of Euro50 per person.

Other costs include their return travel fares to Malaysia three times a year. In all, 145 RMN personnel, including 49 officers and dependents were covered by this."

I think 2 years training is sufficient OR bringing the French trainers to Malaysia might be even more effective, but I stand corrected.

And Perimeker reported a profit of RM 105 million ? That's a lot of diesel, HL !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow so many questions so much doubt. May you find the answers...if not hopefully in the hereafter...

Anonymous said...

The prevailing haze has already confused so many people.

Bangsa: "Others" said...

After Americk Singh Sidhu, the late PI Bala's lawyer and his take on this Scorpene submarine saga, along comes another Malaysian Sikh with a comparable English accent ("put on" or otherwise, I am unsure, and/or both of them having a nasal ailment of sorts) rendering his account in this Scorpene deal.

Shysters both of them!

Anonymous said...

Suara anak haram will manipulate story to benefit Raja Munafiq political survival. For Muslim supporting a munafiq is totally unacceptable. So many "kambing" ulama in Malaysia also fall into category of munafiq which blend together with opportunist to destroy umah. I only respect true ulama which characters are free from any sign of a munafiq. You don't need to be graduated from Al Azhar to spot the difference between savior and devil.

Anonymous said...


How Come this Bai jadi Mastermind untuk beli Barangan Angkatan Tentera dan Navy?!

Adakah Navy kita tak ada orang yang ada otak nak jadi Arkitect atau mastermind.

Dulu India yang curi Jentera jet tu pun mastermind juga!

Anonymous said...

"I think 2 years training is sufficient OR bringing the French trainers to Malaysia might be even more effective, but I stand corrected" Purple haze lu bukan military expert so jangan memandai. Beruk pun ambil masa 2 tahun tau nak dilatih memanjat dan memetik kelapa so hang ni memang lebih kurang beruk jugak tapi jenis tak bolih dilatih.

SM said...


Purple Haze has made a few good points.
However, as you can see from your Readers' comments....most of them just don't get it! Or else they just come out & disparage anyone who makes sense!

Purple Haze said...


Engaging in constructive criticism with some of HL's readership may be expecting too much, given the replies that have been posted.

With sick minds and hazy outlooks that we apparently possess, the best we can hope for is that readers want the best and what makes sense for the rakyat of Malaysia and not for any particular ethnic or political group.