Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thither Malaysia's Costliest Buy-Election

Hantu Laut

Though, traditionally, has always been an UMNO keep, he is not taking any chances, must win this insignificant by-election at all cost.

Losing it may have serious repercussion on his political future.

Prime Minister Najib knew the backwaters of this country like the back of his hand. No need for too many long pedantic speeches, he knew what the people want, what they expect him to bring and what he should leave behind after his departure.

.....but as Mahathir implied 'the people knew it's not his money'

Nevertheless, if the end justifies the means ?

Why not?

Money, money, money. The oppositions averaged the cost at RM19,000. per voter!.....and still counting.


Malaysia's Crucial By-Election

It may look like an obscure election in an obscure state, but nobody else thinks so

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