Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are We Going To The Dogs, Literally ?

Hantu Laut

I still can't get over the arrest of dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof for what she did some three years ago. The video must have been there all along until some religious zealots saw it that ignited their ire, ignorance and fanaticism.

For some Muslims dogs are not considered dirty if you handle it according to Islamic rites. My late grandfather and late father,  both devout Muslims kept two large German Shepherd as guard dogs at the house on a farmland up in the country completely isolated from other neighbours. The nearest neighbour was half a mile away. Your best security alarm those days were dogs. No wonder they called dog, a man's best friend.

Read here, how she was remanded on such ridiculous allegation.

Never mind that, but how the heck the police was so quick to the gun and arrested her on God knows what ground is beyond comprehension. Was the Home Ministry complicit to the quick action of the police?

It is obvious crime-busting has taken a back seat, more efforts are spent on this kind of inconsequential cases than going after real criminals.

How can the government allow such repugnant action against an innocent girl on such flimsy allegations of insulting the Islamic faith, pandering to a handful of religious zealots, that bespoke culture more than religion.

Who is running the country, the politicians or the ulamahs?

Read a percipient article on the unfortunate affair: In the dog house for being kind


Anonymous said...

If only JAKIM can spend the same amount of time energy and devotion to hunt down men who have failed to pay alimony and other cases in the shariah courts that victimize women and children, justice can be served, instead of chasing after a woman and her dogs

Anonymous said...

ye lah apasalah nye anjing pun nak gi solat kat masjid and ambik wuduk...pastu bukak puasa n makan sama2. kalau macam tu kahwin jer lah dgn anjing....

Purple Haze said...

In a nutshell, its all about control of how a certain ethnic group thinks and behaves.

The religious leadership in this country practice a brand of religion which is seemingly intolerant of anything they deem to be the "right" way.

A quote ascribed to the late Moulana Sheikh Abdur Rahman (he passed away in Madinah at the age of 102 after he performed his 60th Haj in 2010) “In Europe and USA I did not see Muslims but I saw Islam. In Malaysia I saw Muslims but did not see Islam.”

Anonymous said...

Very telling quote shared by Purple Haze! Many Muslims do not know the difference between culture and religion. Culture is used to control but sometimes the control is unislamic in the behavior of those imposing culture.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the video was made 3 years ago...Some Prankster knows that the video will drive Malay Muslims Mad!

SM said...


Don't forget that our esteemed DPM Muhyiddin accused the Non-Muslims for that Video (as usual it's nothing new that he puts his foot in his mouth every time he says something) before it was found that it was not a Non-Muslim trying to insult Islam (& he has not apologized yet....but then when does UMNO Politicians apologize?).
Yes,Malaysia is going down the drain fast!

Anonymous said...

dog trainer has an identity crisis, a man trapped in a woman's body

a 3 year-old video highlighted now after alvivi points to a cinabeng agenda

Anonymous said...

sick mind

evidence shows that you have been putting YOUR smelly foot in your stinky mouth in all your inconsequential comments

chew on that like any dog would its favourite bone

Anonymous said...

senile mind

that dog-tomboy has a bible in her home

Purple Haze said...

This blog posting

will raise issue about selective persecution by JAKIM.

Whose version of Islam is correct ?