Friday, November 1, 2013

Anwar: Spooking The Spook

Hantu Laut

Call a spade a spade. Now, Anwar talks sense.

My "Sugar And GST:Anwar:Scholar, Politician, or a Clown" posting derides him for casting aspersion on an universally accepted tax structure used by over 160 countries.

In Asean, only Malaysia and Myanmar were left behind, the rest have introduced GST into their tax system.

Malaysian oppositions must learn when to oppose and when to give credit, where credit is due. They don't want to, a sign of political immaturity.

Obviously, they are dead set in muck-racking, no matter what, for good or bad, they have come to a conclusion Malaysians are gullible.

Anwar made an about turn and admitted that GST is good and efficient way to collect tax. Some weeks ago he was contemplating organising a massive rally against implementation of GST.

Good on you, Anwar. 

Unfortunately, for Anwar his little green pasture in Sabah is withering. Some of his assemblymen are leaving the party, because they found, a little too late, that the leadership is as 'broad as it's long'. Read here.

A friend in PKR told me recently that they are no different from the devil they try to spook.

Anwar should have known better East Malaysians are different kettle of fish.

We are not easily spooked!


Anonymous said...

As always a good laugh. Courtesy by Anwar. He fits to be a clown

RD. said...

Can anybody ask The Rear Admiral when he is having his Party Election.
It's long due, anyway. The last one that they had was full of manipulation, brawls and mischief. No wonder the Rear Admiral has not say anything about UMNO's recent election. He is afraid people would ask him about his own party election, instead. He had better hold it now, before more people quit, especially in Sabah. You cannot just hoist people to hold position in your party, like defector Lajim, without existing division members' approval.

I hope PKR hold its Party election as soon as possible. Get that 'Ketua Umum' post in contention too, or is it self-proclaim.

Please change PKR to ‘Party Kelam-kabut & Ribut’. Stop using the Rakyat’s name. I’m the Rakyat and not all Malysian support a sodomite like you.

Democracy will die if Pakatan gets to rule.
So help us God.