Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Berani Kerana Benar" Adakah Melayu Ini Penakut ?

Hantu Laut

I am no fan of the AG and I don't know him personally, but I sit on the premise that no one should do a "statutory declaration" unless one has solid evidence in one own's person. 

Slandering someone based on third party provision (hearsay) is dangerous to the complainant.

Police report lodged against the AG, not by the accuser but by 5 opposition MPs who will also get their balls squeeze when the whole episode of this nasty bad blood come to light. 

"Berani kerana benar" kata pepatah Melayu, adakah Melayu ini penakut ?.....

Why did Mat Zain himself not lodge the police report, does he think he'll get away if he does not do it himself ?....... as the English say "give him enough rope he will hang himself". Has he gone beyond sense and sensibility and put his reputation on the line in making the SD?

Making false declaration, or making one on hearsay slandering someone is a serious matter. 

I salute Mat Zain if he is doing it for the sake of the country and not a personal vandetta. 

I'll give the AG the benefit of the doubt, he has two of the better genes......don't play play.


Purple Haze said...

Mat Zain did not lodge a police report because he expected the "higher authorities" to take action ... but they did not.

He then released his statutory declaration to a wider audience.

IF the contents of the statutory declaration are true, the AG might be charged with treason. So, it is a serious expose.

But there is no way to ascertain the truth if nobody takes any action.

I would have thought the BN MPs should have lodged the police report whether the SD is true or not so that the AG can be absolved or incarcerated.

Either way, PDRM will have to investigate the SD by one of its former leaders.

My bet is that this will drag on to allow the AG to bersara and get his pension and then they will do a Ling Liong Sik !

SM said...


I agree with you on ALMOST all points.
However, I believe our AG is a half past six Government Servant. He would have died of starvation if he had been practicing Law in the Private Sector!