Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Tell You Why We Can't Find Flight MH370

Hantu Laut

Are the radar placed at strategic points in the country switched on round the clock and constantly being watched by people assigned to watch them, or occasionally goes unwatched when there are less traffic in the sky.

The root of the problems are people who manned the radar in this country.Are they competent and discipline? Have lackadaisical attitude been the cause of conflicting reports and this humiliating debacle?

When this national humiliation is all over, an exhaustive investigation no less a Royal Commission should be conducted to establish whether there had been misconducts in the conflicting reports given by DCA and the military that have embarrassed the country's leaders.

Planes don't simply disappear from radar screen and can continue flying without active radar detection, unless they are flying below radar range. No commercial planes have stealth capability to fool radar from picking it up and the people at DCA and the military should have known better.

Simply put, the plane must have gone down when it disappeared from radar screen and must have gone down in the vicinity of that last contact.The coordinate off the radar should have been taken and given to search and rescue team.

Incompetence and couldn't care less attitude is rampant in this country that had retrogress the country to a worrying state.

We have been overtaken by countries that used to be behind us, and I don't really have to mention who they are to draw even bigger embarrassment to our leaders.

A government who only interest is to muffle the people from speaking out and exhibits such nauseating ineptitude and contradictions.

Fundamentally, people who do not know their jobs.

From our national education to managing out national economy, we have accepted and rewarded mediocracy.


Anonymous said...

Should we(or anyone for that matter) be surprised? Looking at what we have been doing for the past few decades, it is MIRACLE it only exploded on our face now......

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right.
There is total incompentance as far as this episode goes. It is a mark of the kind of leadership we have in this country.

Anonymous said...

Keyboard warrior writing without any risk or responsibility. Podah.. Lu buat keje la tengok apa jadi...

Anonymous said...

You must have felt better after writing your article based on what you must have considered pure logic. And in the process simply classify those professionals involved as incompetent. Way to go HantuLaut!

Anonymous said...

radar punya range tu ada limit bang. bila dah sampai end of coverage radar klia kena handover to the next country, in this case to radar vietnam. takkan radar klia boleh. over sampai ke alabama kot. kau ni terlebih pandai agaknya...

SM said...


Why are you grumbling?
You & at least 49% (plus the Banglas & Indons!) of the Malaysian Electorate (more than 49% if you consider Sabahans only) voted for this pathetic Government.
You guys voted for Corruption, Cronyism & Mediocrity!
You got what you asked for!

Purple Haze said...

If you go with the popular vote of the last General Elections, it is a FACT that more people voted for the Opposition than the incumbent govt.

The issue of gerrymandering and election practices were brought up by NGOs such as Bersih. Had these issues been addressed and rectified, perhaps we would have had a change in leadership / govt that would at least signal that Malaysians want better transparency, accountability and just better competency through competition instead of mediocrity as we have been witnessing for many years now.

The education system is broken, the police force is perceived to be less than competent, the judiciary is biased and the list can go on.

Only in Malaysia can a foreign woman blow herself up with C4 explosives, since there are no killers nor motive that the courts will agree to listen to. Only in Malaysia can a politician be jailed for sodomy even if there is no definite evidence. Only in Malaysia can a politician be fined for sedition even if only expressing a legal opinion.

The list goes on - PKFZ, MAS, Khazanah, NFC, Scorpene submarines, etc.

All this has been going on. So MH370 is not a surprise as it was waiting to happen if one just tallies up the incompetence that abounds. The leadership of this country (and I use the term loosely) have been so used to controlling the media for their own ends that they believed that they can also control the international media.

My prayers go the families of the passengers and crew and hope for a good outcome.

Gram Kong said...

Anonymous 8.25,

Kalau kamu tak faham Bahasa English jangan lah jadi seperti tupai membaiki labu.

Gram Kong said...


At least I call a spade a spade, you are stuck in the shit hole and unwittingly caught in a double bind.

SM said...


WooooHooooo...I hit a raw nerve didn't I? Hahahaha.
You call a spade a spade is it? After being part of the Manufacturing Group that made the spade!
Shit Hole? Hahahaha....actually come to think of it....Sabah is fast becoming the Shit Hole of Malaysia....mostly brought about by the Federal Govt you guys voted in, Who think you guys over there are Monkeys who just came down from the trees in the Borneo jungles! They will continue to feed you guys peanuts & you will continue to vote for them & then bitch....bitch....bitch....all talk no action!

Anonymous said...

yeah keyboard hot air, know nothing about aviation and happily making comments like THE experts!

your beloved US can't locate the plane either.

Anonymous said...

senile mind is really getting senile, hope he gets fucked up by the DAPigs

Anonymous said...

"then bitch....bitch....bitch....all talk no action!"

yeah very apt description of yourself, senile mind

heh heh