Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tony Pua: Khalid Ibrahim Extremely Honest And Hardworking Menteri Besar

Hantu Laut

The speech was made by Tony Pua on 5 Feb 2014 praising MB Khalid Ibrahim as being an honest and hardworking menteri besar.

Within a matter of months Khalid Ibrahim has turned from honest-to-goodness Mr Clean to a devious double-dealing Mr Crooked.

Mr Pua, what happened to your outstanding ovation for Khalid Ibrahim?

Poor guy, someone must have squeezed his balls to toe the party line .


Anonymous said...

He forgot the person was a hypocrite and a Trojan horse.

What to do?

Not too late to thumb him down from his self glorified status.

Anonymous said...

Same lah. Mahathir appointed Pak Lah as PM , few months later, Mahathir was foaming like a mad man, criticisting Pak Lah like mad.

People change their minds lar.

get over it.