Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Siapa Kata Malaysia Boleh ?

Hantu Laut

My streamyx has been down for 3 days now.Called TmNet twice but still no sign of the trouble being rectified or anyone turning up at my house to check whether the problem is at home.My phone line is working and I believe my payment is up to date so I can rule out that those were not the source of the problem.

The problem with this country is they take your money and provide you with crappy services and sold you 'broadband' which aren't broadband at all.If you don't pay up in time they disconnect the service without any mercy and when the service is down they don't give a damn and don't compensate you.

I lived in Singapore over 25 years ago. If you applied for a phone line it would be installed either the same day or latest the next day.If there were something wrong with your phone, likewise, you get immediate attention.If you get too many crank calls you can apply for unlisted number. It means your name is not listed on the phone directory so those sickos who masturbate over the phone and let you hear their sexual fantasy have no access to your number.We applied, our number was changed the same day.No questions asked.

Mind you! that was 25 years ago and the Internets have not been invented yet. Tell that to any Malaysian bumiputra and don't be surprised if 7 out of 10 will tell "Singapore is a small country, lah! easier to manage lah!, this lah!, that lah!. I say bullshit lah! Why don't we just learn from them and all we need to do is drive across the causeway and open our eyes,our ears and our screwed up brains and say that this is what we want for our country.

We returned to Malaysia in the early nineties and lived in Taman Duta and guess what, it took almost a month before our phone was connected and to cut the story short we did get crank calls every now and then and so naturally we asked Telecom for unlisted number and guess what we were told "Encik, minta maaf yah! itu unlisted number kami reserve hanya untuk VIP" Great! no point arguing with this kind of stupid policy.Might as well forget it and accept the fact that we are back in our beloved country--- 'Malaysia Boleh'

I was in Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago and stayed five minutes walk from the KLCC, in the deep commercial hub of the city.The hotel provided one free so-called 'broadband' connection.If anything that can ruin my whole day it would be what I called 'unexpected disappointment'.The bloody streamyx was worse than the one I have at home in Sabah and mind you that was in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

I say to TMNet and Telecom Malaysia take your money and put it in where your mouth is.

This article is posted using public wi-fi.My streamyx is still out.


Anonymous said...

I was in the same situation like you sometimes ago. After waiting for 2 days I decided to do my own troubleshooting. I found out that my splitter has broken down so I just replaced it with a new one. HL, try connecting your modem directly without using the splitter....


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Welcome to the club. In my case, it's the router provided by Telecom that was causing the problem. I have since thrown it away and use a different but older model given by a friend. No problem since then, I hope.

ajimsan said...

Well mate... sorry for you lost ;) But here in the UK I think it is much worse. I couldn't even get to them through the phone. It always in a 'queue'.

The only upside is when they say it will be solve in 10 days... they mean it.

Anonymous said...


ever considered that this is a product of some misplaced national policies?
S'pore is all for meritocracy. what are we in for?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I paid a lot monthly but the streamyx service is below expectation.

The peoples in Kinrara get better service than those staying in the hearth of KL city,...blaaaaaaa blaaaa....................................